Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday - Welcome Swallow

Unusual for autumn, this swallow is trilling away 

just like the goldfinch in spring
the swallow followed me from one end of the house to the other 
as I worked in the garden

continuing it's song and hardly missing a note

a perfect time for weeding  
and so much nicer when being serenaded.

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  1. What a treat. Music to work to is always good, and to be serenaded by a swallow? Magic.
    Is your Autumn confused? We have anenomies in bud...

    1. Our autumn is not just confused, it is demented! Suddenly mu tomatoes are on steroids and growing like crazy, bulbs are coming up everywhere. Two lots of rain and spring like temps. have stood autumn on it's head.

  2. Hi Arija how wonderful to have a Swallow sing and follow you round the garden while you are working. Brilliant bird shots.

  3. Serenaded by a Swallow, how beautiful that had to be. I never knew they would even come in so close. You just have that draw about you, very special. Swallows of all kinds are at the top of my favorite 5 species of birds~

  4. What a lovely experience, Arija. I love the name of the swallow too! Hope you're having a great day. Jo

  5. What a special blessing to have this bird sing while you worked.

  6. I am still waiting for their return to Maine, Arija. how pretty!

  7. Beautiful little swallow -- we see them in late summer and fall at the Lake in Oregon....hadn't thought about it, but it's funny I don't see any here in Florida. We have lots of water.

  8. Upside down weather is in abundance everywhere! Glad you were able to enjoy the beautiful music.

  9. Beautiful images of a real favourite of mine.
    I hope all's well
    Hugs Drew xx

  10. What a sweet and special little bird to sing to you. These weather anomalies are a real concern.

  11. Down on the coast - lots and lots of swallows about - maybe gathering before some head north?

    Nice pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. How nice to be serenaded while you did your weeding.. Your Welcome Swallow is adorable. Have a happy day !

  13. Beautiful images. I love Welcome Swallows... such sweet birds!


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