Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Watery Wednesday & Skywatch - Glorious Fog

We had some glorious rain this week

and now are enveloped in equally glorious fog
as long as the air is moist, the garden flourishes

A big thank you to all of you who came by.
I have been rather time restricted
with my brother-in-law here for a week from Colorado
to strew the last of his brothers ashes.

Life is a very fragile thing
enjoy it now while you have if.

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  1. I love the way fog makes the landscape softer. That red rose is glorious. Bless you and your BIL as you honor your beloved.

  2. A beautiful post and wonderful, wise words! Thank you, Arija!! Take care.

  3. Hi Arija. I love the jewels raindrops on the green blades of that plant. Glad you now have rain for your garden. I also love your crabapple blossom in your last post.

  4. We too have had glorious life-giving rain. And are doing so still.
    Some scheduled work around the house has been postponed, and postponed again - and I don't care. I will take rain over no rain any day.
    Love your lush garden.

  5. The fog makes the flowers shine brighter.

  6. congratulations on the moisture! your garden is beautiful.

    i know the visit from your brother-in-law was certainly necessary for both of you. bless you.

  7. So happy that you had rain and yes, cherish this life, the good and the bad, it is fleeting. I know that having your company there, had to have been filled with lasting emotions, and also warmth and love. Hugs to you~

  8. I do agree about life's fragility Arija - I have three funerals in one week.

  9. Thanks for the rain in your area!
    Thanks for your good wishes on my blog!

  10. Love the fog shot Arija. All that moisture is just what your beautiful roses need. I hope your visit was enjoyable, although I know you had an unpleasant task. Spring finally has arrived here. New baby Bantam chicks, and a hen setting on 5 eggs. I bought 2 kid goats and we will be getting 150 laying chicks in the coming weeks. A busy time here, but I love it. I think of you so often Arija. Drop me a line when you get a spare minute. Take care.

  11. We had also rain last month, a lot of it!
    Love the beautiful roses, enjoy!

  12. A time for memories and -- I am glad for your brother-in-law as I am sure he needed to do this for his own peace . I hope it wasn't too hard for you.

    The water is doing beautiful things there! May you continue t have enough of it!

  13. Wonderful to receive some much needed rain! Love the fog scene, lovely capture. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. These images are beautiful - the foggy scene makes me think of how fragrant it must be. As things thaw out around us here after the deep freeze, it's amazing how the scent of the earth comes back. Later on when trees are blooming the scent will be amazing.
    I hope your visit has brought continued peace & healing.

  15. Wunderschöne Fotos! Rosen im Nebel - traumhaft!


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