Monday, October 5, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 45 The Boring Part of the Road

A long, flat, boring part of our way to Sydney. To
get there in a reasonable time, this is the way to take.
The road is straight ahead all the way across the state
of Victoria. This time it was spring and if one bothered
to stop, this dry dry country produced some lovely
surprises like these tiny straw flowers.

The golden ones were even more spectacular against
the red sany soil.

Like someone had thrown a king's ransom across
the road verges.

Even the stunted Acacias glowed gold.

Crossing another state border we came to a little sleepy
hollow called Weethalle in New South Wales. To call
it a one horse town is to give it more life than it has.
No matter, we like to support little shrinking communities
so we stopped to have some scones and tea at the old
railway carriage tea room at the restored station next to
the silent tracks.

These beautiful Gazanias are a proclaimed weed in
sandy areas of Australia but aren't they splendid.
From the platform, across the rusty tracks there
we saw this beautiful mural of the old town the way
it used to be.

There is still wheat farming in the district as the
silo testifies.

Unfortunately the tea room was closed although the
sign said open.

The little old ladies who run the little shop and tea room
maintain the gardens beautifully.

I did take some photos of the beautiful station but
my computer ate them, so for today, this is all you
are getting.

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  1. There is beauty all around us when we look for it. I love the golden flowers. Too bad about the tea room being closed.

  2. Sweet Arija now you will see how selfish I am.

    I have not worried that you were sick (I didn't know) but I just wanted you back because I missed you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. Hi Arija! Thanks for the Australian tour. A few hours ago my daughter rang me. She told that their grey dust had gone, but that in Cairns there was still a grey cloud mixed with smoke, for there were some bush fires in the Tablelands. They long for rain, but there is little chance they will have it now. Is it very dry where you live?

  4. I have always loved Australia. Ever since third grade, when we learned all about your fascinating country.

    I loved the pictures of the straw flowers especially--and what you said, "a king's ransom thrown across the hills." Wow. Just beautiful.

    All the photos are lovely, and fill my eyes.

  5. Thank you for the tour. You have captured so much beauty in your photographs. It's too bad the tea room wasn't open. It looks very charming.

  6. What a lovely trip you took us on, I enjoyed every step. Those Gazanias are indeed very beautiful, which just goes to show that even a weed can have it's day in the sun. Have a great week.

  7. I do hope you continue to improve and that the sickness is behind you, that's never fun!

    There is so much beauty to be seen if we just take the time to look! You always do that and sharing it with us gives us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty in your world, Arija!

    Take care, enjoy!


  8. The desert is beautiful when spring rain cooperates. I am hoping for good spring rains in the deserts of California, but that is a while yet.

  9. Arija Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I love your blog and Australia in the three times I've experienced.
    Lucky you are already in spring
    Xavi from Barcelona

  10. Another wonderful and interesting series of photos! Those golden straw flowers really look spectacular against the red soil.

  11. Don't you hate it when computers do that?!
    Looks like another perfect little spot on your trip, so tranquil and unspoiled.

  12. gazanias are lovely as are the straw flowers. too bad you did not get to sample some tea and scones.
    next time perhaps.

  13. It doesn't seem boring to me, seen through your camera lens! Hope you're feeling better.

  14. It's too bad the tea room was closed -- it looks as if it would have been a great experience. I, too, like those golden flowers and the Gazanias.

  15. sorry ma, just ripped three gazania plants out of the top paddock verge...

  16. Those little flowers are so pretty.Gazania is a flower grown here as an annual,they are gorgeous.

  17. You found so much interesting to share along that "boring" stretch of road! The gazania "weeds" are just beautiful. Interesting to see the old railroad town that has faded away.

  18. It seem to me you always find beauty where ever you roam even when your bored...
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots :)

  19. A great set of pictures for sure...and the 'Like someone had thrown a king's ransom across
    the road verges' how good is that :O)

  20. I really love the gazanias!!! They are stunning.

  21. Often we say that in life we should stop to smell the flowers by the road. Otherwise, the life will be just a boring highway in a flat dry land.

  22. Gazanias are weeds? I'd love a garden full of those weeds.

    That tea shop looks to be a delightful place.

    I hope you are feeling stronger.

  23. Looks like a beautiful road trip. I lvoe the flowers, especially the Gazanias. The mural is awesome. Thanks for sharing your world.

  24. What beautiful shots from the road. I loved all the shots and nice seeing the wildflowers.

  25. Hallo Arija,

    wenn ich in den Staaten war habe ich immer die Fahrt durch Trockengebiete genossen und viel Stops eingelegt um die Natur zu bewundern und die Leute zusehen, die an diesen Orten wohnen. Sie sind schon besondere Menschen.
    In diesem Jahr hatte ich wieder besonderes Glück, es war Frühling und der Winter hatte ausreichen Feuchtigkeit für die Pflanzen hinterlassen.

    Ich hoffe, dir geht es wieder gut, was es auch war, dir eine schöne Woche.

    Grüsse Hartmut

  26. Arija: What a wonderful trip with the area aglow for the Spring. What a cute shop and tea room.

  27. Flat the road maybe, but not boring! Look at all those wild flowers .. the beautiful colors. I'm always sad to see small communities get smaller. Hope you are feeling better with each passing day. Thanks for taking us on the road with you.

  28. wonderful shot of a beautiful colorful dainty flowers. thanks for visiting my blog. (",)

    my entry:

  29. What an unusual tea room. I can't believe those flowers are weeds - wouldn't mind some of them in my (ha, my mother's) garden.

  30. It may be "boring" to you, but those golden blooms bring life! I am so amazed at the "golden" ground too! Thanks for the tour. Take care Arija.

  31. I enjoyed your lovely photographic tour. Gazanias produce lovely blossoms ... it's hard to think of them as 'weeds' especially because I cultivate them in my yard. Sorry your computer devoured some of your photos. I hate it when that happens.
    Hugs and blessings,

  32. Such glories along your way,
    so beautifully captured!
    Too bad the Oldrailwaycarriage Tea Room was closed.


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