Sunday, October 11, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 34 Roses Plus

Spring is blooming in full force, the mix and meld
of scent outside is enough to make your senses swoon.
Wisteria, Dendrobium Orchids alternating with Roses
and Philadephus....

This little Cecile Brunner Rose, less than 2"across,
exudes a gentle yet strong perfume

another rose with a small but fragrant flower covers
the side of one of our horse stables

Philadelphus that barely survived lat year's severe
drought is reviving again

one of our great joys, Souvenir de la Malmaison,
a perfumed wonder of sheer delight.

What would roses be without their friendship with
Lavender? Pink and blue make a perfect team.

Flowers speak a universal language, click on the Logo
and decode the Tower of Babel.

Eternal thanks to Luiz Santilli Jr. both for starting this meme
and, with the help of his team, keeping it going for all of us.


  1. Just what we need to think of in UK today, as it's autumnal grey here...

  2. You are truly God's gardener! What a gift you share with us and with me especially. I can't say I love you and thank you enough!

  3. It's delightful to relive spring again through your photos! Here in NC (US) fall is approaching. I especially like the very double pink rose and the lavender -- beautiful! Your photos are wonderful as always.

  4. No flower is more beautiful than the rose.Have a lovely day.

  5. So beautuful, Arija! Thank you for your comment, I'm still smiling when I think of your humorous comment with the mirror! Have a nice week, dear!

  6. Arija - it is lovely as all our plants are beginning to die back for winter to see your roses and to hear of your spring.

  7. Such delightful blossoms to behold on a windy Autumn day.
    Sunny :)

  8. Your gorgeous flowers always offer a warm, beautiful glow to the day! Thank you for sharing them with us, Arija!



  9. Arija, you make me wish that scent would travel through the internet! It all looks so heavenly! I am dreaming of those fragrances!

  10. Arija - You've done it again. I can almost smell the perfume. That Souvenir is gorgeous!

  11. These are exceptional roses! And what a wonderful sight at this time of year! I long for a sturdy white rose, but northern Indiana eats them and leaves crumbs....and the Japanese beetles.
    You are so lucky!


  12. I love lavenders Arija and your roses are just gorgeous. Happy week ahead.

  13. DEar, the rose are special flowers...all flower start with the ROSE

    congrats for the shots

    This week, I am guestfriend at the FLOWERS FROM TODAY and I am here for to congratulate you for you to be part of our group. Your photos give more charm, color, class, life and light to the TF. Thank u very much, dearest.

  14. Beautiful flowers again Arija! And what a lovely award for you below too! Good on you! You deserve it too!

  15. Arija! Your roses speak to my heart. Soon my roses will rest for awhile but we will have yours to admire! Lovely post!
    I'm gathering strength for Tues.xo

  16. Arija, a glorious series of the most beautiful flowers. Thank you for visiting my blog and identifying the lavender bushes so well manicured. I see you have some here, including your pretty header photo. Have a great week.

  17. Who can resist the smell of a rose. Unfortunately, most of the hybrids around here have no smell. I always look for the wilds. These are all gorgeous Arija. I'm so glad to see flowers blooming in your part of the world.

  18. The roses and lavendar are gorgeous. What a wonderful display!

  19. Hello Arija. They are so lovely!
    Enjoy the spring.

  20. Arija, your garden is such a delight! Your photos show it all!
    Roses, lavender, I could really feel the scent. Hmmm! delicious!

  21. Beautiful flowers, I can almost smell that heavenly scent from the roses and lavender.
    Thanks for visiting.

  22. I love your pictures, and look forward to see more:)

  23. WoW What a lot of beautiful roses.

    Have a nice day

    Gunilla in Sweden

  24. What a delightful collection of Spring flowers! So very beautiful!

  25. Beautiful shots and flowers.
    Luiz Ramos

    Many flowers are "perennial", I say they are produced the whole year in Holambra City in Brazil.
    Holambra is:Hollande+Brazil= Holambra!!

  26. Arija: I have to say this is so wonderful that your blooms start as ours fades, the beauty of our world.

  27. Gorgeous roses and lovely fragrant lavender!

  28. I always lament the fact that so many roses are being bred without scent these days so I really enjoyed reading your post and imagining the fragrances.

  29. Hi!
    Lovely Roses!!!
    Have a great week!/

  30. Lovely to see all your flowers coming through again after your drought.

  31. Beautiful! I'm looking at all the unopened buds - how wonderful to have so many.

  32. love the soft pink rose and the lavender flowers. (",)


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