Monday, October 12, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 46 The Golden Glow of Spring

Our landscape on the farm has totally changed yet
again. Other springs have seen our paddocks in a blue
haze of Salvation Jane, Echium plantagenium, see
my header for a flash back.
This year the Leprechauns have been busily strewing
gold pieces across the paddocks at randon. The whole
countryside, as the sun came out this morning, had
turned to a shimmering carpet of gold.

Only once in the last 50 years have I seen a
phenomenon to match this splendour.

The visual effect is stunning when the sun comes
out and all the flowers open.

Unfortunately for the country, this is not lush pasturage
but Cape Weed imported by some well meaning person
from South Africa. It suppresses our native grasses and
sown pasture by quickly outgrowing, overhadowing and
depriving all else of light.
It is also an indicator of depleted soil quality which is
not at all remarkable after 6 years of drought.

The golden glow in the distance is our neighbour's
paddock with our land that is visibly green dotted
by our few remaining sheep.

The neighbour's dam with a little water in it and
gold on our paddock in the foreground too.

Bachi with her week old calf enjoying a feed in the

while at the side of the forest a wary kangaroo with
large Joey in her pouch regards me with a baleful
and suspicious eye,

while down by the silver poplars in their new finery,
the Unicorn spreads peace over all.

There are more wonders in the world than anyone
has ever seen, so click on the Logo and visit some.

To Klaus and the MY WORLD Team I extend my
thanks for letting us see the little wonders in each
other's backyards.


  1. You live in a very beautiful place! What a delight to visit you here!


  2. Arija, sorry to hear about the invasive species, yet the color is gorgeous. Just seeing green and water behind the dam is an improvement.

  3. this is heaven! such a beautiful place to live in! your lucky! thanks for the visit Arija! have a great week!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the beautiful yellow and green! What a great place you have to live and what fun it is visiting you through your posts! Thanks, Arija, as always for sharing the beauty of your world!



  5. I enjoyed all your spring scenes and loved seeing Mrs. 'Roo. Beautiful photos!

  6. These scenes are very beautiful,but it sounds like the flowers are not all that beneficial.At least you are still able to see the beauty.Thanks.

  7. You live in Eden! you?
    I just looking the images and read your words and I can see some unicorns:-)
    Breathtaking beauty...

    Bless you:-)

  8. Well, well I didn't know that unicorns were native to Australia :) The land certainly looks beautiful wearing its golden mantle.

  9. Wonderful pictures and I just loved to see the kangaroo.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. I love that cloth of gold spread over your fields, Arija - sad that it is a pest - we say the same here about buttercups which the farmer hates but which look so beautiful - the same goes for dandelions too - do you have either of those wild flowers?

  11. So beautiful and peaceful! I wonder if this is the same yellow weed we see on our Californian hill sides in Spring. I made a painting of it.

  12. Invasive plants are spoiling land everywhere, aren't they? Everything looks so lush right now. I hope you get much needed rain this spring!

  13. your captures were simply gorgeous...hoping for rain for your part of the world.

  14. Wonderful series of photos, I love your header photo but the invasive species is a pretty yellow. I love the kangaroo photo, how neat to have them so close to you.

  15. Arija, Your photos are always so magical, I wouldn't be surprised if you did have a unicorn! Too bad the yellows are invasive - they're sure pretty in your spring.

  16. What beauty! Such a rural idyll you bring us each week, Arija!

  17. I like your picture of the roo in non stereotypical Aussie scenery - makes it have more impact. However, I am jealous of your spring colours even if one of them is a naughty invader.

  18. what beautiful photos and a stunning place that you live. Thanks for the info regarding green tomatoes, I appreciate that.

    Gill in Canada

  19. I love that gold. Your world reminds me of Ireland--but for the joey!

  20. Thank you for sharing the wonders of your backyard! I'm sorry to learn those are invasive flowers, because they are lovely in the distance.

  21. Arija, you have a beautiful world. I love the flashback purples! Your flora and fauna is in abundance!

    I love the golden glow!


  22. Spring and soon summer I come and visit you NOW!!!
    Roses and lavendel and a nice award you got - good for you.

    I love sending flowers all around the world through ours photo,

  23. I will come one day, we are planning a trip but not until next year (or the year after that). To bring the hole family and go round traveling for a few months.

    Have a fantastic day, dear, MB

  24. I've never seen kangaroos except on TV.. but they have always fascinated me.. loved the picture in your post.

  25. Thanks for showing us your farm. Kangaroo and unicorn completes it so well.

  26. Beautiful colours.
    I choose the 1st pic.

  27. Very bucolic setting.Beautiful fields,sky,trees and well built fences

  28. Arija: What a neat story of all the happenings on the farm. I love the story as you went through the fields.

  29. You do live in a beautiful world, Arija. I enjoyed you wonderful photos.

  30. What tragedy we humans wreak on the world as we interfere with nature.

    Thank you for documenting it.

    Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

  31. Darling Arija you are so right and how lucky I am to have you in my life.

    Love Renee xoxo

  32. Love the golden carpet of flowers.. such a shame that they are a bad sign, though.

  33. Beautiful view and shots.
    What Unicorn is? A horse or a Mythological being?!!!
    Luiz Ramos

  34. Thanks for sharing your beautiful views of Spring with those of us who are entering the Fall season ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  35. the photos of the hills carpeted with gold are beautiful!! reminiscent of our spring dandelions here! hope something kills back nine parts of those plants before they do too much damage!!

  36. What delightful rounds you toook us on with this post, left me with a big smile!

  37. What a wonderful your farm is! What a wonderful place to live in peace and serenity! I completely enjoyed this series of photos of lovely and amazing nature that surrounds you every day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world with us. Your photos are stunning as always.

  38. Stunning!
    That's the nicest view to wake up to every day!

  39. Your World looks very beautiful... I really enjoyed all your pictures.

  40. your photos are wonderful portraits of the beauty in your life. how wonderful! wow you have Leprechauns! I only have fairies and elves~

  41. Oh my! A kangaroo AND a "unicorn"! And I thought deer were cool. What a magical place to live.

    The golden flowers are beautiful, but I know how frustrating it is to see an invasive plant take over like that.

  42. These are so pretty....I'm glad I went back to them. I love the kangaroo and joey.


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