Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wildwood Dreaming ~ Nature Notes

This post is for Ces, my little sister-friend who
inspires me to experience once again the child-like
pleasure of seeing the world a new every day as
though it had just been created for my delectation.

The wild wood is my refuge
there I can dream of spring...

the poplars waking early
telling tales in silky voices on the wind

wild quinces bank along the creek, pale green
their blushing buds displaying

while the humble plum, industrious as ever,
is weighted down with half ripe fruit.

Dogroses on the eastern side are tardy in their flowering
while in the west their sisters smile in foolsome bloom.

The hawthorns have tight button-buds,
just one, a little bolder,
has opened up her sleepy eyes
to greet the warmth of longer days.

Dragonflies or damselflies, whatever they may be,
hover over water

thick with frogspawn as a morning frost
with promises of concerts yet to come.

The watchful unicorn , her pride by day concealing,
yet holds the golden key to all our silent dreaming.

Thank you Ces for the love and friendship you so
generously share and the immense inspiration that you are.


  1. Beautiful, dreamy tribute to CES, Arija!

  2. Oooh thank you, thank you. What a perfect gift for me this early morning! I am so happy. I am going to tra-la-la today. Thank you my dearest Arija, if you think I put you up in a lofty place with my post, you are indeed in such a place because the place is my heart. People who get placed in such a chamber do feel that way, is it because there is too much air in there? Perhaps I may need to fill it up with more friends? I love you what can I say? Damn! If I have unmanned you, tell me how I did that? I need to do that with someone.

  3. Ooooh! I love the woman's skirt. but I see a snake peeking at her. Did you draw that?

    Thank you again for this special post. Ooops! I ate too many plums! Tsup!

  4. Aaw! Me? Inspire you? I am honored.

    Good thing about the snake because I would have fainted, I hope it has no teeth or fangs either.

    Yes, the more we love the more we have. Oh that rhymes!

    By the way, that is not a ghostie. It is a woman.

  5. Because I can't decide what color to use. That is not a stole that is yards of fabric! I need to color that too!

  6. Wonderful combination of photos and words---Ces is an inspiration and I am glad she inspired you to post this!


  7. This is beautiful! I am so happy to think of your friendship with Ces. Women are amazing creatures! :)

  8. A lovely, whimsical post -- thanks!

  9. Lovely words, beautiful captures as always, Arija, and a beautiful tribute to Ces! I know that I am inspired by you and others which is the reason I took up photography in the first place a little over a year ago and it brings me so much pleasure! So, I thank you for shining a new light into my life!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  10. What a great post... words and pictures all stunning... I also enjoyed the comments..

  11. This is lovely Arija and thank you for adding this to Nature Notes. I went and visited Ces' blog and I don't know that I had been there before, but will be back. You do have a very warm wisdom about you...

  12. A really cool post Arija, and I love your spring images. I can smell the sweet scent now.

  13. Arija isn't that wonderful. Ces is a dream.

    I loved everything she wrote about you.

    By the way the other painting on the top of this post I love it.


  14. Renee, at art school many, many years ago, it was serious "art' amd life drawing, now, due to Ces' example I can indulge my bent for whimsicality.

  15. Arija I love it. I see that not only are you surrounded by artist, but you are one too.


  16. Ah, I need to go visit Ces again! It has been too long! Is she really your little sister? what fun this post was!

  17. Arija, sorry it took me so long, but I've finally published the award you gave me on my blog. Thank you once again, dear friend.

  18. Your flowers and artwork are all gorgeous Arija.

  19. ah, such a lovely post. Your drawing is sweet as can be and your wild woods make me want to explore them. Thank you for sharing.

  20. I love this tribute to Ces and such a great nature notes post. I'm not going to get around to a nature notes post until later this week but I love seeing what others do.

  21. In nature we are always children :)

    I am glad you have friends like CES.


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