Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WATERY WEDNESDAY ~ 18 Head of the Torrens II

Here at last is the promised continuation of the
beginning of the River Torrens half a mile
downstream from its slightly more pristine look
in my previous post.

What a difference a little distance plus a township
make....the sky and trees still reflect in the still pool
but where the water falls not much more than 6",
other very pretty pictures form, though they are rather
unnerving to consider.

Like turning a kaleidoscope, the patterns of foam and
scum swirl and change....

from white snowfields,

to the rainbow sands of famed beaches.

All photos enlarge both for greater enjoyment of the
patterns and impact of the horror of the pollution in
such a short stretch of the river's progress.

Had someone painted this, you would hang it on the wall,
knowing what it is, makes you want to weep for a civilization
that is murdering the bounty of our planet which has
enabled its very existence.

We cannot rely on others to rectify the situation.
Laws and fines have little effect and only apply to big
corporations although their economists often work on
the principle that it cheaper to pollute and pay the fine
when/if caught, than to dispose of hazardous waste

The way forward I see is for the individual to take control
of his own patch and by example show that it is possible to
live in balance with ones surroundings without recourse
to the arsenal of chemical consortiums that blithely sell
what is banned in one country to an unsuspecting poorer one.

That is the reason we have amassed four congruent
properties so that at least these 500 acres can revert
back to a viable, self-sustaining existence.
Next week, God willing I will show you what looks like
scum but proves the health of our dams. May the gods
smile on you till then.

Now, click on the logo and float down some other river...
Thanks to 2sweetnsaxy for being a brick and organizing this meme.


  1. OMG Arija, this is awful and disgusting. The patterns are interesting, but not so much knowing what it really is. It's hard to believe anyone would want to pollute the essence of life. You are right to gather the land around you allowing it to be free and clean.

  2. They do need to be enlarged to be appreciated. Good post, the answer, I fear, is fewer people. I think it is much too late for that solution.

  3. Well... It took me a few seconds to recognize, what it is :)

  4. As you say, as a painted pattern it would look great. As a sign of man's carelessness it looks grim.

  5. What a shame that such a beautiful place can be ruined like this!

  6. I remember that our local river was brown and at time bubbled with pollution... at the weirs and falls great clouds of scum and foam would fall and the moisture in the air would sting your eyes... now 35 years on we have Crayfish in the shallows, and it is stocked with many different fish.... trout are being caught there after many many years... the wildlife is plentiful with Heron and Kingfishers hunting the river daily... It take a complete change of attitude to make chages like these... I hope in time this river is given the chance to 'live' again.

  7. Thank you all for your concerned comments.
    For a community of 598 souls to distress a waterway in such a short stretch of river, I find distressing. When that happens in the head waters, what happens further down stream is utterly disgusting.

    Tom, I thank you for your encouraging remarks. Unfortunately our population at large has as yet not realised that it is everyones responsibility to keep things clean. The "they ought to do something about it" mentality still prevails.

  8. It is in fact disturbing and sad how we are so passive in the protection of our legacy.
    Your first photo is my favorite. I kept looking at it and seeing this image of a person with a torso made of the clear part of the river, branches as shoulders, and then as I look up there was the head, the circle part of the top of the photograph, and all the foam and scum around our head and heavy on our shoulders.

    Very telling! I love that photo.



  9. Unbelievable.....
    I live in the country and worry all the time about our water quality due to a *corporate* cattle farm a few miles away. It is beyond sinful what has happened to the landscape, let along the smell and what goes in the earth.
    When will we learn???


  10. What a pity that a few careless deeds can ruin the pure beauty of nature and nourishment like that. Wonderful post, Arija...
    Thanks for speaking up for the environment.

  11. Bringing such situations to light and generating awareness is the first step to resolution of the problem and restoration. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Sometimes what is most dreadful is also perceived as beautiful. The scum and pollution do provide an intricate pattern. However, the underlying poison of the landscape will not be so pretty. A good post, Arija.

  13. Excellent post, Arija. I agree with Tom, too. It's all about attitude and taking personal responsibility for this beautiful planet of ours. It's very concerning, and it upsets me as well when I see so much pollution and destruction of natural areas around me all in the name of so-called progress. It often seems fruitless, but I still have hope. Keep up the good work.

  14. The headwaters are usually pristine, so it's surprising that the pollution is there. In our area there is much pressure to reduce the pollutants that are washed into our streams. The Chesapeake Bay crabs, oysters and fish are suffering. Both private organizations and governments are pushing to reverse the decline, but much more needs to be done. I hope people take notice and get active in cleaning up the Torrens.

  15. Hello Arija, I remember seeing polluted water like that when I was a child. The foam would get so thick them pop off in big chucks and float in the wind. I hope it's able to be turned around.

    You asked about the Paris apartments.
    This is the website of the people that we deal with.
    They own several aparments around Paris.
    You can read the testimonials and see the descriptions and avalibility calendars. It's so nice to live like a local and have a kitchen and laundry facilities.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  16. I love the pictures.

    I love how your funeral sounds. Yes the family needs to be involved as much as possible.

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. All the years of my life I've listened to TV commercials about clean air and land and I sadly feel I will not see the right thing being done by the majority of peoples in my lifetime.
    I too thank Tom for his encouraging news from his part of the world.

    BTW: my watery boat image was done using PSP software.

  18. Really some fabulous designs in that water.

  19. It is hard to believe that a civilized country would let something like this kind of pollution happen!
    These polluters are stealing from those who try to treat this earth with respect and - what makes me most angry - from our children.

    Your images are very beautiful, but they brake one's heart, considering the subject.

  20. Foam and scum, I never would think they would could form such an interesting pattern. Actually beautiful!
    Have a super day.

  21. Well said Arija! If only there were more people in the world with the sense of responsibility that you have, what a better and healthier planet this would be,


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