Sunday, October 18, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 35 More and More Roses

While the last of the Tulips still linger,

the Roses come into their own. As I hung out the washing
this lovely 'Black Boy', oh dear, such a politically incorrect
name, assailed my senses with its rich delightful scent.

I could not resist taking a few minutes to catch a
different angle.

The main rose garden was awash with shades of
pink, here is 'Just Joey' with a touch of apricot.

'Michelle Meilland', never backward in coming
forward, is awash with blooms of palest pink

while 'Bewitched' is just that, bewitching.

Here I give you the soul of the roses, gentle and
ephemerally translucent,

to spring back to vigour and forceful energy as
colour once more suffuses its being, bringing it
back to vibrant life.

All photos enlarge with a click.
Click on the Logo and see thousands more flowers.

To our gracious hosts I give thanks for this meme
which gives pleasure to so many.


  1. The flowers are very pretty.

  2. A beautiful post Arija! Both photos and drawings, of the queen of the flowers! Lovely colors and wonderful shots!
    Wish you a nice Sunday!

  3. All flowers are very pretty but I love it the second one..great

  4. Oh the beauty.I wish I could wander through this garden with you to enjoy the fragrance as well.

  5. Beautiful pictures and very lovely roses.
    Liebe GrĂ¼sse,

  6. Roses are such great beauties!
    And they smell divine!
    Lui is visiting with me!

  7. Beautiful....I am dreaming of Spring least until the first snowflake and then I will be totally entranced with Winter.
    What a fickle girl I am!
    But the roses are lush.....


  8. Beautiful roses! Are you still awake? I have something to send you to sweet dreamland!

  9. Roses are always beautiful, they give us limitless delight.

  10. Those are nice and great artwork too! Very impressive!

  11. A lovely post, Arija! The tulip is as pretty as the roses.

  12. Amazing - I had one of those "olfactory hallucinations" viewing this post, and for a tiny fraction of a second actually smelled roses!

  13. beautiful vibrant colors in the flowers!

  14. Such beauty and delight!

    Have a great week Arija.

  15. Arija, I flew in from Ces's to say hello*!*

  16. Your images are so beautiful and your words so poetic - a lovely post!

  17. Marvelous captures of gorgeous flowers! You always show so much beauty, Arija! That's why it's always a delight to visit your blog!

    Have a great week!


  18. so many wonderful images! Loved seeing your drawing as well~ I wish I could also smell them.

    Also, the drawing Ces did of you is wonderful! Love it!

  19. beautiful series! very nice job on them

  20. Arija, when I was a nurse in the clinical area, I took pains to do the extra care that was not required of me but rather which made my patients more comfortable or lightened their physical and emotional load. Some of my fellow nurses asked me why I bothered especially when we were already overworked and understaffed. At that time my parents were alive. I replied that I do these things so that when my parents will need nursing care somewhere, someone may go out of their way to do what I do, that my angels will send them a kind and caring nurse. Now that my parents are gone, i still go out of my way to be helpful to strangers especially the elderly to give thanks to the angels who gave my parents and my mother-in-law kind and caring people throughout their lives and when they were ill. You think I'd be done thanking the angels by now, but I find that there is always someone for whom I have to give thanks.

    Why were you up at 3 0'clock in the morning?

    Amazing about the oak of Agrippia. Of course there is the Angel oak of Johns' Island in South carolina at 1400 years old.

    I have always thought of creating an award for you!
    I hope you will sahre it with your other blog friends.

  21. Arija, I think you felt my vibes. I was thinking of you all day yesterday.

  22. But I was not sad! I was happy and thankful, that is why you finally felt it when I had enough mileage to reach down under.

  23. Aha! Arija, I are you sure it was not Katherine Hepburn barbecuing?

  24. Goodnight Arija, I have to go and start packing my nuts for shipment tomorrow. Hehehe. (Acorn drawings). Thank you for the bloggermance!

  25. You've made my day with these vivid blooms - I can almost smell their scent!

  26. I almost had a tearin my eyes for a while when I was reading of you coming to a new country and then about the firer 1983.

    But the award you got made me smile again - I am sorry that I can not send you ant seeds is it only Australian that has that strict rolls? I think I am aloud to send seeds to USA.
    Maria Berg

  27. Very pretty. Weird for us here in the Northern hemisphere to see tulps at this time of year.
    Wondering whether the card from Sweden reached you.

  28. Arija: Beautiful flowers and very neat post work on the photos.

  29. I love the way you showed this range of roses in different states, form, color, monochrome. Such a beautiful sequence.

  30. Oh, my....what gorgeous flowers! I love the pink roses and the tulips.

  31. Wonderful...really wonderful! I love this mix of photos and drawings. Both photos and drawings are lovely. I really enjoyed in this beautiful post.


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