Monday, November 9, 2009

MY WORLD ~ The Grampians

Please enlarge to fully appreciate the details.

Last week on our way back from Melbourne we made
our over night stop at Halls Gap in the Grampians in
Victoria. I thought we were too late for the wildflowers,
but was I ever mistaken! The season was late this year
and we had a veritable feast.

View towards a small portion of the Grampians Nat.
Park from the main Western Highway.

On the right is apart of the Elephant's Hide. In the gap
you can just spy the plain beyond. Sorry about the
quality of the shots ... it was raining and this is shooting
directly into the morning light, what there was of it.

Everywhere in impossibly stony or dry sandy ground,
was an unbelievable diversity of flora. I shall post many
more in TODAY'S FLOWERS next Sunday.

The flowers came in all the colours of the rainbow.

These little stars of light shone between fallen Gum
leaves and were less than 1/4" in diameter.

We went on a reasonably level hiking trail to view the
Balconies. Although I managed the walk carrying my
camera, the case I had left in the car to ease my load
and naturally, snapping away at the flowers I ran out
of guess where the spare was...yup, you
guessed it, safely in the car.
Sorry, no shot of The Balconies.

This Crimson Rosella was feeding on the back lawn
of our Motel, there was an abundance of birdlife in the
early morning but also minimal light and 'raindrops
were falling on my head' as well as my camera.

Just a tantalising little piece of Mackenzie Falls,
a long stepped waterfall cascading down the gorge
with the main spectacular boiling torrent dropping
right into the river at its base.
I could have made it to the bottom and, although the
spirit was willing, without a crane to hoist me up, I
would still be there.

From one of the lookouts even in the rain you could
almost see forever.

Clicking on the Logo will take you on other hidden paths
around the world.

Sorry I am late in was so hot last night that
although my photos were marshalled, the starter motor
on my brain refuse to raise a spark.

Thanks to our gracious hosts who make this meme happen.


  1. Such lovely and delightful captures, Arija, as always! Lovely colors and skies. Will look forward to more on Today's Flowers!

    Have a great week!


  2. What a beautiful place. I enjoyed each of your shots so much.

  3. The Crimson Rosella is such a beautiful bird.

  4. What a lovely tramp in the rain! The wildflowers and falls were worth getting wet but that Rosella! What a bright spot of color. A scenic area!

  5. Gorgeous pictures,Arjia.Too bad we are not always able to do the thing we would like to :( I know,I have to say no to some things because of physical limitations.

  6. The flowers seem to love the gray of rain, and that bird is so bright and beautiful. Nice to still see signs of spring your way.

  7. A beautiful hike even in the rain Arija.
    I love that gorgeous red bird. Looking forward to more Flowers, and how many times have I left the batteries in the camera bag? All to familiar. too.

  8. What a great hike, thanks for sharing. Fun to see wildflowers in from the late spring downunder, plus the exotic bird.

  9. Such amazing landscapes. And I can clearly see why elephant's hide is named elephant's hide!! I still cannot get over your birds!

  10. what a beautiful spot, even in the rain! And gorgeous colors on the bird.

  11. What a lovely feast for the eyes and soul!

  12. What a nice serie of pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Your post today makes me think of 'riches all around us', Arija. And the shot of the little flowers poking up between the fallen branches of the gum tree sum this up so well. Even in the most meagre of situations they bring beauty. I'm pleased my Roman post brought back such happy memories for you. Vale, amicae!

  14. That wonderful shot of the crimson rosella - and a lovely waterfall one which would make a super embroidery Arija!
    I wonder if the Grampians were originally names by settlers after hills of the same name in Scotland.

  15. Thank you all for you kind comment.

    Weaver, yes they were named fot those in Scotland and they really have a rugged similarity.

  16. Arija I was looking at the flowers and amazed how they can grow there and thinking 'how wonderful.'

    And then, well then I got to the bird. Beautiful.

    love Renee xoxo

  17. Really fabulous series of photographs. Despite the punk weather you really captured the essence of the place, I think.

  18. Arija do you know Allegra, I really think you two would be crazy for each other.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. What a beautiful series of photographs. And such amazing spots

  20. What a wonderful trip, and lovely photos. I love the Elephant's Hide name - how apt! I wonder if the rocks turn into elephants in the night, and have secret adventures!

  21. That is a beautiful place. Wish I was there! Here it is cold and rainy.

  22. Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !
    And for sharing your flowers. It seems to be promising to be a long, cold winter, here in Canada!

  23. Raph,

    Of course they do,but only on the dark of the moon to avoid prying eyes, so please keep it secret. It is a high tourist area and if it got about they would get no peace at all.

  24. What a lovely post Arija. Fabulous photos, even in the rain. That Rosella is so striking. I saw one of those in Australia and lots of the paler pink ones.

    I look forward to seeing more of the flowers.

  25. Arija, what a walk you had! Love the bird-such beautiful red and blue. And the scenerey is awe inspiring!

  26. Wow, I would like to live there, so peaceful!

  27. Beautiful flowers and the rosella is just striking.
    I'm sorry if my tank post brought back bad memories for you. I know that quite a few meme bloggers remember WWII and I thought a lot about what to write because I didn't want to make light of the fact that all those tanks are essentially weapons that cost many people their lifes. In the end I just decided on showing the tank, otherwise I would have written a whole essay (it gave me some ideas for future MyWorld posts, though).

  28. I love the tiny white flowers in the leaves. Lots of beautiful photos here.


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