Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SkyWatch ~ Somewhere Along the Way...

Most of our road trips are accompanied by dramatic
skies to which this was no exception. For the six or so
hours we travelled, my eyes and shutter finger were
very well entertained.

Rapidly banking and changing clouds promising
thunder and downpours surrounded us on all sides,
yet our drive remained dry.
Now and again the clouds gave way to patches of
bright light and glimpses of blue.

This is a group of afternoon lit trees on a bare hill
which I have always loved. It is opposite 'Pink Lake'
which at present is still sleeping in my Nikon. My
computer is down to its last 5% of space, mainly
because I have stored 22,000 photos on it in less
than one year!

Although we could see the rain in the distance, the
road remained dry,

but just before the flaming sun sought shelter beyond
the holizon, the humidity increased as though we had
just landed in the tropics after a downpour. I had never
driven in a sauna before, the air was saturated. The
day had been a very hot one and the downpours on the
hot earth evaporated like a steaming kettle.

Next week, God willing, I shall post the next exciting
episode of the weather as the day ends and the
moon turns pink with excitement.

All photos enlarge with a click as always.

To fly around the skies, click on the SkyWatch Logo.

Thanks to Klaus and our great SkyWatch team, we
can all join in with this great fun meme.


  1. Arija, I love a roiling, boiling sky! These are magnificent. My favorite is the next to last. When I enlarged it I could really see and feel the vast expanse of sky and land!

    My computer is also almost that full and so is my Picasa web album! I will have to buy more space in order to keep blogging and I need to back up and move some of my photos onto my Seagate external hard drive which we purchased last year but then I disconnected it because it was taking so long for my computer to boot up. I don't think we are quite using it correctly but I haven't had the time to sit down and figure it out! Now I will be forced to! I hope you find a solution before your computer crashes and you lose all your photos!

  2. Arija, what a gorgeous sky! I remember those skies when we lived in New Mexico - you could see forever and the sky was always a spectacle. Especially once, we drove into a thunderstorm, but the sun was setting behind us and formed a double rainbow on the illumined storm clouds, which were producing the most amazing lightning. We had to stop at the side of the road to watch it all in awe. Thanks for sharing your photos!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Like Kathiebirds, I love roiling skies; just think of the power up there!

  4. Great pictures of fascinating skies!

  5. That sky is gorgeous Arija. You have such a wonderful way with words.
    It's amazing how quickly we fill up our photo space. I have 2 external hard drives to keep my pictures in or I wouldn't have any room on my computer. And, aren't we so tahankful for digital!
    Happy SWF

  6. All is well dear friend (or somewhat well).

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. I like your writing as much as your beautiful pictures Arija.. I am sure you could write a novel and keep my interest.
    You skies are stunning and perfect for Sky Watch...


    I have not done a Sky Watch this week as I am doing a series of posts from a local woodlands.
    Wiggers World

  8. Incredible captures, fantastic skies, Arija!! Your skies look so very much like ours these days. I, too, love those roiling skies!

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Gorgeous scenes.I love the variety in the skies at any given moment.22,000 pictures,that's a lot.

  10. Arija, I love these skies, ever changing and chaotic they are wonderful and the scenery is stunning. Our weather here on the other side of the world from you is much the same today with sun, wind, clouds, rain, hail it is simply amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles and blessings

  11. I like all kind sky that u show to us this week, dearest
    Simply...marvlous, dearest
    havea nice friday

  12. This was a wonderful view of promising skies, and the sunset is stunning. Pink moon? Love to see it!

  13. Stunning indeed. Thank you and well done!

  14. Wonderful pics and I too love that hill and the trees. I'm impressed with your photo tally - when do you find time to eat and sleep?

  15. Great photos of the moody skies. The last three are my favorites for skywatch.

  16. Those are dramatic skies, but a sauna. Living in the arid west of the US. I would have a hard time with that kind of humidity.

  17. They are lovely! Must have been a great trip!

  18. oh, you offered us a wonderful visual trip!

  19. Such beautiful skies and scenery to accompany you, Arija! Good luck with a solution to the storage space...

  20. Hey Arija! I just finished my HSC this week! It was quite difficult but I'm so glad it's over.

    The skies are beautiful. I love the clouds- they're so vast and powerful. They make any living thing beneath them look tiny and helpless.

    Lovely photos. The sunset is stunning.

  21. Looks like pretty "moody" skies to me

  22. Great skies! I laughed about the too many stored photos. My husband is always bugging me about how many I have. We bought an external back-up drive (very inexpensive) that I now dump all my photos on that to save them. It is an easy way to save them and saves space on the main hard drive.

  23. Wodnderful images of your skies down under. The sunset is beautiful!

  24. Lovely stuff, as usual, Arija. I'm always glad to see that whenever the sky drama ramps up, you're there with something much better than an iPhone! What was going on down there was rather similar to what we were experiencing for a bit--but it looks prettier where you are.

  25. I love this sequence of shots from the road. What a beautiful country to photograph on a road trip. Great shots!

  26. 22,000 photos now that is impressive.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  27. Gorgeous traveling skies, indeed! These are absolutely lovely!!!

  28. Beautiful shots ! ! !

  29. That is interesting that you made that connection about your road trips.

    Anyhow these captures of the sky are great - so many different colors and clouds - thank you :)

  30. My favourite photo is the first one, very dramatic.

    Gill in Canada

  31. What gorgeous skies! I'd love to be on those fields, running or laying on a blanket to watch the clouds roll by.

  32. Wow Arija, those skies are dramatic, seems like you should have experienced rain, not just sauna humidity.
    So many images, I thought I was bad.

  33. Arija, when the sky puts on light shows like this it is hard to not want to take advantage of every opportunity and thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday.

  34. All of these shots are amazing. I love how busy the sky is and how much color it offers.

  35. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  36. Oh I love trees on a hill, especially against such skies as these.

  37. Wow! Amazing skies and all so different. Glad you were able to capture these on your drive and I'm sure the dramatic skies made your trip more enjoyable! What pretty and interesting landscape you passed through too...

  38. Dear Arija,
    Every one of these photographs would make an excellent oil painting. Do you paint per chance?

    See you are Renee's friend.
    Isn't she the BEST?

  39. Gorgeous skies and a lovely sunset!

    I'm afraid to count the number of photos on my computer. I need to move them to my external drive very soon. I'm in the same boat with Kathie - I'll need to buy space before long as well to blog with photos. :)

  40. Your skywatch photos are just spectacular. I simply enjoyed looking at every photo and reading your writing.


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