Friday, November 27, 2009

Super Sleuth's Sordid Saga Sequel

Surprising events in the mansion on the mount unfold ...
too many clues spoil the broth, although yours truly
suspected a third nigger in the wood pile ( pardon the
political incorrectness), both of us being exhausted from
the last few days of slash and burn policy before it turns
to total fire bans, we braved the hour's drive home in the

Last night, another call from the alarm people, dining room
again! So, back we go this morning for an exhaustive search
of the fugitive. All possible dark places were investigated to
no avail ... not until it started raining dictionaries from the
high shelf above the doorway did I hit pay dirt.

The poor little mite was hiding behind the books and I had
to act quickly before he brought down the whole set of the
hundred year old Chamber's Encyclopaedia.

The Prof obligingly fetched a tall ladder, we have 12'6"
ceilings and possums love heights. I managed to lift him out
of his hidingplace but he also managed to latch onto my arm.

Nothing major, but I did let him go, and go he did ...
jumped down like lightning, across the room and squeezed
himself into the inch and a half space between a bookcase and
the wall. Luckily part of his tail was visible and so, grabbing
the tiger firmly by the tail ( now wearing rigger's gloves which
the Prof had forced upon me), I hung on for dear life while he
pulled the fully laden bookcase a little from the wall.

Voila! Quasimodo (not the most flattering photo of yours truly
ever seen) holding the catch of the day!

Possums have prehensile tails, so it was a safe and secure
way to hold him.
Here is a close up of his beautiful feet, just like ours, with
four fingers and a thumb.

This was the fourth possum episode we have sustained, the
first time we did not find it tor two weeks until I finally located
the emaciated little thing in the bottom of the grandfather clock!

All photos can be enlarged.


  1. You have had a busy couple of days, Arija! Hope things settle down now!


  2. Hmm, wondered why you had both a ring tail and a brushtail incinerated, I must say lightening sounds probably about right but they dont normally live any where together. Glad you found the other one and he was ok.

  3. Arija, you are something else. Not only creative and capturative (if that's a word). Hope this is the last of the culprits causing so much trouble.

  4. Great story and I like your way of describing it! Glad the invader wasn't in my house!

  5. Oh the excitement!!! Your possums are quite different from the ones we have here in Indiana---yours being *cute*, our just having, ummmmm, *unique chacter*!!! ;)
    Hope things quiet down for you critter-wise!


  6. Love the story, but how are they getting in??

  7. Oh my God, har har har. har har har

    Laughing my head off.

    I love how you write.

    And you are beautiful even when you have a raccoon by the tail.

    I see the young married woman you showed us before, you haven't changed much.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Oh Arija my giggle for the day looking at the exhausted gloved lady in the photo!LOL!!
    We also have a resident possum that visits regulary but stays outside thank goodness..I think of them as gentle shy creatures.

  9. Sylvia,
    there is nothing like a bit of excitement for the circulation.

    we have ringtails and brushtails in profusion both on Mt.Lofy and on the farm. Just not usually in the same hole.

    no trouble really, just a bit of fun. I like it that the wild things like to visit.

    hey, what's a bit of possum poop between friends? They are cute, but like most living things they do pee a lot when cornered.

    small wonder they are different yours are Opussums, in Australia we have Possums. Somewhat similar, but a different animal none the less.

    no mystery there, they seek deep, dark holes and what better than a chimney?

    glad I got a good belly lough out of you. You should see me dangling a deadly snake by the tail!

    Our Possums, different species to the American Opussum, are normally shy creatures too, just not when cornered in a house.
    Glad you got a laugh at my expense.

  10. Never a dull moment with you guys is there? Glad you managed to evict your home invaders!

  11. My goodness Arija, more "fun". Lets hope this is the end. How did this critter get in your house? Our possoms in this country are so different, and one does not dare to pick it up. They can be very nasty, and have extreemly sharp teeth.Not only that, they are quite heavy.
    Hope the rest of the week-end is quieter.

  12. Oh my goodness..that would give my cats a good You do tell a great story my friend...Michelle

  13. Your possums are so much more pretty than ours!! Maybe if they looked like that around here they wouldnt be hated so much. It is a challenge when a creature such as a possum (or more often in this area a racoon) gets into the house. They can be quite destructive!

    Sorry I have not visited in quite some time! I have been very poor at keeping up with the blog world.

  14. Bellissimo..... ed ora, dove si trova ?

  15. AAAAAAAAHHHH! NOOOOOOOO! I am afraid of them. I will have to summon you next time I spot one. Sorry, They scare me and you are a brave woman and I love that photo of yours even though you say it is not flattering because I just know that I will find a warm embrace from that lovely woman. HAHAHAHAH! The possum even played dead with the Chambers encyclopedia volume.

  16. Holy moly, Arija! Hahahahaha! What a flurry of furry excitement. You are SOOOO brave to handle your wee intruders. You can add animal wrangler to your list of accomplishments. I'm glad the mystery has been solved and the culprit properly evicted. Perhaps he just wanted to look up a word in your library?

    I am delighted to see the beautiful you!

  17. You make quite a hunter... I have never seen one before...
    he actually let you hold him.. love his tiny toes!!! so cute... and so are you!!!!

  18. Great shots and story. That would have been a scary one for me. I'm comfortable around most large animals but small ones in the house freak me out.

  19. Great story! I have not seen a possum until now! That have kept you busy!


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