Monday, June 6, 2011

MY WORLD ~ A Charming Cottage Stay

On our recent trip, we came across this truly charming
Victorian cottage in Port Fairy. It had so much character about it
that of course we had to stay there.

Fully restored and exceeding its former glory with the
addition of modern appliances, it offered a spacious living
area with a comfortable dining and beautiful Jarrah,
Eucalyptus marginata floors,

one of the most comfortable beds we have slept in,

and a delightful visitor, the best company and so polite.

He checked out the bedroom and seemed to approve,

inspected the kitchen, stayed for a little chat,

and was ready to leave again. So much more entertaining than
watching the box.

Both the cottage, the seaside and bird rookery will
most certainly draw us back again.

Enlarge if you wish . . .

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  1. What a delightful place to stay, especially with the company of a cat.

  2. oh, i would love that little cottage and its perfect little furry greeter. :)

  3. What a delightful cabin and, of course, I love your visitor! Looks like a lovely place and I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay! Hope you have a good week. I'm holding good thoughts for you, Arija!


  4. What a lovely little cottage, and the cat just added to the country atmosphere, I'm sure. That cottage could be in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, it's so much like places Grant and I stay in on our bike sortees. Have a blessed day, Arija. Jo

  5. Hija Arija,
    Looks ever so cosy. And such a sound inspection from the management :-)
    BTW. I wonder where you sent that email :-)

  6. Wonderful vintage cottage. Nice place to stay.

  7. What a grand cottage!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. A beautiful cozy little place! Nice shots.

  9. Delightful! And to think a cat visitor too. Perfect. :)

  10. The cottage looks like a great place for a vacation.

  11. What a cozy cottage, indeed, and a "purrfect" setting for a place called Port Fairy. :)

  12. Charming little cottage! Cosy and relaxing! And adore the bonus of your cat visitor!

  13. Hi - splendid cat - I think all guest houses should have one! (as long as they stay indoors!)

    Stewart M

  14. Si, realmente una casa con encanto.

  15. Seems to be a delightful place. The wooden floor has such a beautiful colour and sheen!

  16. Ken Schneider to me

    Thank you, Aria. Port Fairy looks like a marvelous place.

    We are off to our second home in Illinois, where it has been hotter than down here in Florida! We are diving into summer while you say goodbye!


  17. What a charming little cottage! Your feline visitor looks very well-behaved.


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