Monday, June 13, 2011

MY WORLD, World Bird and Watery Wednesday - A Dawn Walk

While staying in Bright, Victoria last month, I took off as dawn
was breaking and was already in this well kept park in town
just as it was light enough to start activating my itchy shutter-

In the mists on the Ovens river, Australian Wood Ducks,
Chenonetta jubata, were flying to join the Black Ducks which
were already busy bathing in the icy waters.

Light in the sky brought light into the depths of the fast
flowing river.

A new well mannered friend accompanied me, I found him on our
doorstep and as I left, he followed . . .
a great companion, so obviously NOT water shy. He blithely
stepped into the icy cold river to his shoulder just for a drink!

A flotilla of Black Duck paddling upstream . . .

I had so many photos, I could bore you to tears . . . just not
this time.
Here is a Pied Currawong, Strepera graculina, feeding on
berries almost at my feet.

Currawongs are larger and heavier than Crows and can do a
lot of damage to fruit trees, just look at his powerful beak.
Note the wide legged stance, he really is the tough guy on the

On a softer note, a Rosella camouflaged in the autumn

Here is a teenager Crimson Rosella, Platycercus elegans,
changing into adult plumage.

. . . and so , back to our digs where the Prof was still peacefully
sleeping and I said a sorry farewell to my companion , who
apparently belonged in the next little town!

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  1. gorgeous! i like your walking companion too! :)

    the river shot of the trees reflecting and the line of ducks are my favorites. so beautiful. water just soothes the soul...

  2. Great morning walk. Like the light and tree reflections on the river. Always nice to have a companion.

  3. What a beautiful place to walk and a lovely way to begin your day! Love your companion! The river shots and reflections are particularly breathtaking! Hope your week is off to a good start, Arija! Take care.


  4. I love those scenics.Being up at the break of dawn is the best time.

  5. OH my! What a lovely place to visit. Your companion is a water-lover -hahaha. That rosella is amazing. Love it's different colors. You are so fortunate to spot it! :)

  6. Btw, am now your latest fan. Am following your blog. feel free to follow mine. Thanks! :)

  7. Excellant Arija. Love all the colors too. A truely beautiful countryside! So much to see, I'd never get bored with your pictures!
    We leave tomorrow morning, and I'll keep in touch while were gone.
    Take care and rest my friend. I hope you are well.

  8. Wonderful nature with great light and reflection. And some cute birds.
    Happy week to you!

  9. This was a very nice walk in your world - thanks!

  10. Great walk!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. These captures are mesmerizing and mysterious. I love the light reflected on the river. And the bird with a touch of red plumage encircled by the forest is enchanting. Thanks as always for sharing your world!

  12. Beautiful scenery, great birds, and I like the "friend" that joined you!

  13. What a lovely walk! And how nice that you had a companion.

  14. perfect shots for myworld... Have a great weekdays ahead!!! Hoping you can visit @ my little corner.

  15. What a wonderful walk you have had with all these lovely places and colorful birds that you have captured beautifully!
    It's always a joy to read your blogs.

  16. Hi there - even though they are not always popular I like currawongs - we only really get them around here in autumn and winter. I love their voices.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  17. So much beauty, Arija!! Love the parrot!

  18. I imagine how exciting it is to take photos in such a beautiful nature! I wish I could press the shutter button here all day long. Great shots.
    I hope your finger will be ok soon.

  19. A beautiful morning and the best time of day for a little nature watching.

  20. Beautiful scenery and beautiful birds. Wonderful captures!

  21. I love the shot of that river; and what a great companion to have on your walk.

  22. Beautiful post! I love your walking companion:)

  23. What a lvoely walk, I lvoe the scenery and the birds. My favorite was the Rosella. Such a pretty colorful bird.

  24. Everything is better when shared with a friend!! What a terrific walk, I enjoyed the beautiful light and the fall colors and the BIRDS of course--hope you get to walk with your pal again sometimes.

  25. Nice watery shots, LIke the reflections in the 3rd photo

  26. If you're willing to get up early, you can see amazing sights--as you have done!


    Mist on the ocean,
    Mist on the sea,
    Mist on the meadow,
    Mist on the tree;

    Dew on the grasses,
    Dew on the rose,
    Dew in the garden,
    Dew on my clothes;

    All of this wetness,
    It’s plain to see,
    Promises blessings
    For you and me!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Boatman in Hawaii

  27. So atmospheric. Great, great post. It was just like taking a walk with you. And the dog!! that was magic!

  28. Lovely post, Arija! I enjoyed the walk and could've gone on...Your images are gorgeous. The birds are so different from the ones we see here.

  29. Thank you for the info on the rose. I will go and get the companion and find a good place in the sun for it too. I am so pleased to see those when I walk into the yard every day.

    Hard to believe that you are in fall as we head into summer. My summer will be very different this year without any ducklings or goslings to watch and I miss the muskrat. Even the frogs are fewer in number since the mink had moved onto the pond in May. One animal with a huge appetite...

    I am sorry about your Father. My Mother-in-law has both her parents taken by the Nazis... how can this happen...

    hope you are doing OK. Nice of the Prof to take a nap to allow you a nice walk... hugs...Michelle

  30. I so love these photos. Nature at it's finest!
    (We are in for strong winds, heat and another dust storm, can you hear me whining?)
    Lovely birds and that dog's the coolest :)
    Hope he finds back home though?
    I totally adore that last photo. Like a painting!

  31. Perhaps the friendly dog found a new life with you?

  32. wunderschöne herbstliche Bilder! sehr poetisch ...

    es berührt mich immer besonders, diesen starken Kontrast der Jahreszeit in unseren Bildern mitzuerleben ...

    liebe Grüße aus dem norddeutschen Rosenmonat!


  33. Arija, these are lovely! I enjoyed the comments on the bird, the tough guy on the block! It looks so beautiful there in Sydney! Thanks for sharing.

  34. What a beautiful series of pictures. Walks are always good in the morning - for both the body and the soul. Great post.

  35. I can imagine Bright would be quite brisk and bracing at this time of the year! Beautiful scenery and so fresh at that time of day, with some interesting company!

  36. I so enjoy seeing the contrast in seasons from my world and yours!We are living in opposite seasons. Here we still wait for warmer summer temps..but most days with cool temps it does feel like autumn as we must carry sweaters.I loved seeing your companion.. his joy comes through in the photo you posted of him.
    A lovely quiet stroll with you Arija. xo

  37. Ken Schneider to me
    Thank you, Arija.

    Ovens River looks like such a beautiful place-- thanks for sharing those photos!


  38. These are wonderful! I wish my camera and I could have been on that early morning jaunt with you. Happy WW!

  39. I love the fact that such a lovely dog appeared to accompany you on your beautiful morning walk1


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