Monday, May 14, 2012

OUR WORLD - A backward step

Just for a change, I am taking you a few months back to our 
local Agricultural Show.

This prize winning rooster rally took my fancy

and I took great pride in my grandson in law taking out second
 prize for precision shearing.

The great pumpkin dwarfws the little girls and the dahlias on the 
adjoining table

and a rather well embroidered footstool did not even get a 
prize when others less worthy did.

Ours is one of the few remaining real country shows with animals, 
birds, shearing, woodcutting and in the hall, baking photography,
vegetables and fruit and amongst many other things even a prize 
for the best polished boots!

All in all, a great day out with lots of good food and produce of the 
area like wine and honey and a great number of locals to socialise with.


  1. What a gorgeous rooster! No wonder it's a winner. Great post.

  2. Hi there - country shows are a real blast. I think it will be a step backwards if we stop having them!

    Does your comment indicate some local knowledge of Vic. Avenue?

    Stewart M

  3. Oh what a lovely visit to something I grew up with: The Agricultural Show. It just doesn't happen back home anymore. I love the handsome rooster and your equally handsome g/s in-law. The footstool is beautiful, I would have thought it worthy of a prize - first prize! Hope you're keeping well, Arija. Blessings, Jo

  4. Your photos remind me of the country fairs we have here in September and October. They truly are fun to attend.

  5. I love these getting back to basics country shows, or as we call them county fairs.

  6. I agree with EG, these do remind me of the Fairs here in the states! I always loved to attend them!! Handsome roosters!! And I would have given a prize for the footstool, too! It's beautiful! Hope your week is off to a good start, Arija!

  7. that sounds like a great, old-fashioned farming time. :) LOVE that handsome rooster!

  8. What fun! I love visiting fairs.

  9. Hi Arija....Boy that Rooster is a beauty !!!
    My daughter raises is hard to find sheep shearers here in Maine!
    She would love to have the prize winning shearer for a day ; }
    Thanks for sharing the Agricultural Show from your world!!

  10. This sounds like one of our laical fairs. That rooster is a beauty.

  11. What a great old-style wonderful country fair. I would love that. Your grandson-in-law (and isn't that a mouthful to say!)did great.

  12. Great show!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. It looks like a fun day, nice shots.

  14. These are interesting contests.
    What a personality the rooster has!

  15. Love that rooster! Your show looks very much like the fair we have here every August. I always enjoy seeing the handiwork, and like you sometimes cannot understand why one piece is chosen over another.

  16. What a wonderful Show. I always loved them, particularly in the cooking and handicrafts area.
    You are right about that footstool - it was a beautiful thing.
    Thank you.
    PS: Your grandson in-law, looked extremely competent at a very difficult job.

  17. This looks like such fun and reminds me of our local county and state fairs which are also such fun. It looks like you enjoyed your day and the footstool is lovely, my beloved great aunt Bunna used to make needlepoint covers for footstools, and oh so lovely~.

  18. loved the first shot of the rooster. :)

    I have seen how they cut the sheep ones. I´m impressed, it is not easy.

  19. My hometown has a big county fair each year. I exhibited animals as a 4-H member while growing up. Your pictures brought back many happy memories.

  20. I enjoyed this post so much. Fairs like this are fun to attend.

  21. I love those shows, Arija!
    Great captures...
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  22. oh, well... you know, contests are like they are. but congrats for your grandson!! nice accomplishment!

  23. looks like it was a good outing, i love seeing what people are making and creating. that foot stool is beautiful.

  24. That rooster is a beauty for sure! My hens would like him!!
    I love country fairs, just if nothing else to walk around enjoying the sights and smells. I love seeing all the crafts too, and all that marvelous talents.


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