Monday, May 28, 2012

OUR WORLD - More of the Amazing Sunrise Light

Continuing from last Friday's SkyWatch, here is a little more of 
the same sunrise light turning the rocks red.

This is just a little sample of the rocky road and here it had been 
graded since  the great rains that had all the creeks rushing and
locking down all roads to and from Arkaroola Village.

As usual, the brightest red was on the rocks supporting solar cells
and satellite dish. Ah well, only Allah is perfect . . .

I saw the light turning the hills over the ridge a bright gold but
try as I might to scramble up the hill to a vantage point, I only
managed to catch a tiny glimpse of it.

The road ahead still had some of the sunrise red but

look back and the magic seems gone. There will be more of the 
glory in Friday's SkyWatch.

For those of you who commiserated with my two flat tyres, my
guardian angel stood by for both. The first one at Wirrealpa station 
went down over night and the boys there fixed it for us. We ourselves 
had no hope of even changing it as the oil had leaked out of our jack
and it was rendered useless. The second tyre expired as we were 
checking in at Arkaroola and luckily they had a compatible tyre and 
another arriving the next day. I had both damaged tyres replaced, just to 
be on the safe side, so it was mainly the $800.00 that was the painful bit.

Please leave a sign of life if you can, comments always make my day.


  1. These red rocks remind me of home yet the vegetation is different. Sure glad you got so lucky on the flat tires problem.

  2. Fantastic sequence of shots taken in the early morning light. I love how red the earth looks.

  3. I'm sorry for the $800 expense, but glad you are safe and were able to get the tires taken care of! Your photos are gorgeous as always and what a fascinating place!! Look forward to more views on Friday! Take care, Arija, and have a good week!


  4. Love those red rocks. It must have made the drive a thrill.

  5. Love the red desert area -- and the light shining so beautifully! (And a kind of combination of funny/sad that the loveliest red is topped by the satellite equipment). We have areas in the American west that remind me very much of this area.

  6. Great series!! That red colour is really impressive. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Magnificent images, how fast the light changes, even in the shadows!


    The Sunrise runs for Both --
    The East -- Her Purple Troth
    Keeps with the Hill --
    The Noon unwinds Her Blue
    Till One Breadth cover Two --
    Remotest -- still --

    Nor does the Night forget
    A Lamp for Each -- to set --
    Wicks wide away --
    The North -- Her blazing Sign
    Erects in Iodine --
    Till Both -- can see --

    The Midnight's Dusky Arms
    Clasp Hemispheres, and Homes
    And so
    Upon Her Bosom -- One --
    And One upon Her Hem --
    Both lie --

    (Emily Dickinson)

  8. How lovely to see your photos of Arkaroola. Our family has visited twice, years apart, and loved it each time. It is one of our favourite parts of the world. Did you visit the little observatory, Arija? Thank you for your windows on the natural world - more power to you.

  9. Marg

    thank you for your comment. Our association with Arkaroola dates back a generation to Reg and Griselda Sprigg and my husband's parents. There are places there that I must have spent other lifetimes in the long ago. Of course we have been in Doug's observatory, just not this time.

  10. Hallaluah the angels were with you in the remote areas you explored!!!
    A very interesting view of your part of the world down under.
    Glad that you made it home.Guess I'm not the only one handing out big $$$ for services!!

  11. Great set of pictures - love the curves in the road and the colour of the rocks. Only one place like it!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  12. Love that windy road! Sorry about the tires, but glad all is well again.

  13. Terrific shots! I love outback scenery.

  14. Such beautiful sun colors! Lovely photos of the light. Glad you got rolling again.

  15. Oh my, glad the problem with your tires worked out but commiserations on the car bill. Had a lot of those but touch wood, none lately. Your photos are lovely. That long light of the sunrise is really magical.

  16. i love when the light does that- very cool! what a good earthy red! :)

  17. beautiful images makes we want to head off to revisit all that glory!

  18. Australia the big red continent. Are you getting rain?

  19. over from india's to see such beautiful photos and amazing soil and rocks. and you're a weaver, as well!

  20. Hello Arija. want to say hello... seeing the red rocks remind me of one area we have in one park of the BC Canada... It is quite spectacular, isn't it? Hugs... I hope you remember me.. I go by MJ now... I was Michele.♥

  21. So fun to see you at Willow Manor this morning! Sorry to hear about the flats...but thoroughly enjoyed your lovely pics...

  22. What an incredible terrain. You sure do a great job of capturing it.

  23. Beautiful scenes with strong colors! Always exciting to be somewhere else than your home town. Sorry for the flat tires:(

  24. Look at that red earth! What a beautiful diverse continent. I hope you have been well. I have been looking at your travel photos and admire your energy. Take care. Tsup!


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