Friday, May 11, 2012

SkyWatch -- Playing catch-up

Have just returned from another couple of days away. Since my
significant other has been locked in a wrestling match with 
Mr.Alzheimer for the better part of 10 years, I have been forced 
into letting his driver's licence lapse, so now I take him on little 
trips of a few hundred miles or so, just for a change of scene.
This was one of those.

Here now, harkening back to our big trip to Wirreapla, way up 
north, is one of our magical sunsets. 

Just two shots but, enough is as good as a feast . . . enjoy!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments which are more 
appreciated than you can possibly envisage. Caring for someone with 
this condition is wearing emotionally as well as physically.

I do try my hardest to visit you all as much as I can contrive but at 
times I am so weary that my brain refuses to come along and I end
up just enjoying your wonderful posts that make me feel that I
am still part of humanity.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the lifeline you
throw me through your most kind comments . . .
((Hugs)) to you all . . . Arija


  1. Those photos were sublime. Thank you.

    Caring for someone is one of the most underappreciated roles in our society. Underappreciated, and emotionally and physically draining. I am sorry that you have this role, and admire you more than I can say for taking it on. I am sending so many good wishes your way.

  2. Hello, Arija! Gorgeous sunset and lovely skywatch images. My family experienced the same with my father. It was very hard and I can understand what you are going thru. Take care and I wish you all the best. Have a happy weekend!

  3. what an amazing sky! just wonderful :)

  4. This was my first visit to your blog - so will comment on the photos first - absolutely gorgeous! The colors were simply stunning! As for your role as caregiver, having just spent a little time in that role when my husband had his heart attack and cardiac arrest, I know well the strain. My time reading blogs was my little piece of sanity! My God bless you as you endure!

  5. Lovely sky! Great post for SkyWatch!
    I wish you a nice day!

  6. Wonderful pictures of the sunset. Alzemer is a difficult disease, but today there are at least medications that if you put them in on time may delay the process. But it is often called the relatives' disease. Sends you really warm hugs from Sweden! Zinnia

  7. I have been missing you, but I also understand the difficulty you are dealing with. My 88 year old father-in-law has dementia, and that is difficult enough, but it becomes part of the journey. Hugs~

  8. yes, ths is magical. Golden, bronze sunset. Just to be enjoyed.

  9. Glorious sky shots. Pure gold.

  10. Dearest Arija, these sunsets are awesome but rather bittersweet reminder of the days associated with them. However, be strong and try to enjoy yourself however you may have it. It is draining and taxing in all aspects caring for a loved one who is suffering. It has been one loved one after another, it seems. Just take care of yourself and not worry about visiting. The blogs will always be here when you are ready. Please take care of yourself. Love you. Tsup!

  11. Beautiful Sky! Happy SkyWatching.

  12. Stunning images!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Arija -- thank you for the lovely sunset. If in any small way it helps to know that I'm thinking of you I am glad. Your posts and pictures are so full of beauty and joy in nature that it is easy to forget that life isn't easy for you right now.

    I am glad that your SO enjoys the trips because I'm sure they're good for you as well. and I hope the wrestling match stays more or less even at least for a while!

  14. these are stunningly beautiful. powerful.

    and a huge hug to you across the world, arija.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous skies!

    Be strong. I wish both of you all the best.

  16. Hats off to you giving hubby these nice little trips. I'm sure it's exhausting. Yet so lovely to see these magical sunsets together.

  17. Definitely there is magic in these sunset shots,

  18. Such gorgeous skies and fantastic captures as always, Arija! My heart aches for you as I know how difficult these times are. There has been a lot of heartaches for you over the past year and I do send lots of love and hugs and good thoughts! Hope you can enjoy a lovely weekend!


  19. Stunning images, beautiful colors and nice ambiance.


  20. Hi Arija It's good to hear your keeping well despite all your personal difficulties.
    Your images are wonderful to see I hope you enjoy them as well as all your followers.
    Take care Drew xx

  21. Hugs, dear girl. Get your joy and relaxation any way you can. Mama didn't have alzheimer's, but as she declined, dementia set in til the end. It's not easy being the caretaker. Hugs, again.

  22. I know this has to be so very exhausting and very sad...Try to take care of yourself...hugs..Michelle

  23. Your skies are beautiful and I hope they provide you with moments of peace! Mom had Alzheimer's and Dad was her primary care giver. He hid her car keys so she would not drive off in the middle of the night. Take care of yourself too while you focus on him!

  24. Magical skies indeed! A change of scene is good for both of you. Being the caregiver to a loved one who is still with you, yet not, has to be incredibly stressful. The beautiful photos you take and your lovely posts touch many people and bring them joy, and the friendships you have made through that is well deserved. Thank goodness for the Internet that provides you with a connection to so many and keeps you from being isolated.

  25. yes! a magical sky!! such a beautiful sight to come home to. awe-inspiring...and although we've just met...i send you a hug...what you are going through can be very draining... and frustrating at times.

    take care! and thanks for the magnificent sky shot!!

  26. Wow, amazing shots, love them.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care.


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