Monday, November 14, 2011

OUR WORLD - 1 Hour in the Flinders Ranges

Treasured memories from last year's trip to the North Flinders
Ranges and Wirrealpa Station. A number of you have asked
about the stove in my header. Unfortunately it is not mine, I
wish, but has seen service in the shearer's quarters of Wirrealpa
Station for well over 100 years. There was of course also a new
electric rage which we scorned in favour of the real thing.
Two great kettles for innumerable cups of tea and some large
aluminium pots that we used for natural dyeing under India
Flint's guidance.

Fate decreed it was time to leave and here is a selection of
just one of the wonderful hours we spent on the road.

Do enlarge for more detail.

Above, a natural wall of China wends it's way over the hills
and below, the hills folded and kneaded like puff pastry.

It had been an unusually wet spring so the normally dry and
sere country side magically burst with colour.

My favourite kind of road . . .

and unexpectedly vibrant shades of gold and green along the way.

A consolation as we again hit the tarmac, was the exposed
geological features of these ancient, weather-worm mountains.

The further south we came, the more grasses had already dried
off, but there were plenty of colourful patches still left to feast
the eyes upon

and Emus, too many to fit in one frame, grazing in a veritable
Garden of Eden. All shots from a moving car in the space of
just one hour as one of our number had to catch a flight back
to the US.

I revel in these memories and only wish I were back there now.

I hope you enjoyed a little of what my world has to offer the intrepid traveller.

If you haven't yet, do put up a post and add to the wonders OUR WORLS offers!


  1. beautiful territory. love the wildflowers blooming! :)

  2. Really grand post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. not often you see Emus. Great shots of them.

  4. The open roads with flowering fields where animals graze and hills are “folded like puff pastry” around every corner sounds like a sight seeing trip of a lifetime, Arija. Thanks for sharing the memories. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing this amazing part of your world. It's unlike anywhere I've been and I am in awe of it.

    I also love the range in your header.

  6. Beautiful country ~ Awesome photos ~~ thanks, namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Such a terrific trip, lovely wildflowers, marvelous captures and wonderful memories, I'm sure! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty with us today, Arija! Hope you have a good week!


  8. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world. The patches of vibrant flowers are so pretty.

  9. I love to travel gravel roads into the middle of beautiful know wheres like that. Nice memories.

  10. Yes the stove is interesting.
    Nice shots of your world.

  11. I love the way arid lands allow you to see the geology. In these images I can see the layers of rock, upthrust not unlike what I see in many parts of California. It is always a thrill when the desert blooms.

  12. great shots Arija. the composition of the landscapes is quite brilliant. and i particularly like the 3rd last shot...lovely use of leading lines!

    My Third Eye

  13. We have so much variety in our country, all of it has it's own beauty.

  14. What a lovely place with all those wildflowers.

  15. Hi there - Flinders Ranges have moved up a few places in my "to do" list!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  16. Wonderful views, Arija. I love the shot of the emus and the wildflowers. And your descriptions always make me think...wish I could think/write like that!!

  17. A great world I can see in your photos, I like the never ending view of the long road and the emus photo are fabulous.

  18. Arija, so much like me...for I too, adore roads such as the ones your traveled. Those little purple flowers remind me of our Blue Sage. Emus, what large birds, so neat to see them in their own land and not hinged in by fences. The mountain range reminds me also of some of what we see when we travel to our prarie and western mountain states. A beautiful share Arija~

  19. I enjoyed my visit to your world. Beautiful photos. Beautiful words.

  20. So beautiful!! Love your landscapes...

  21. Hey, you area looks a bit like New Mexcio, USA!

  22. How I love the bright patches of color in the grasses. And I love the way you describe the hills -- like folded puff pastry. How delicious!


  23. Thanks for sharing these beautiful scene, love it.

  24. Thanks for sharing this beautiful memories and beautiful photos of the world I've never been and probably won't ever.

  25. I love seeing these pictures of your country Arija. They are beautiful.

  26. These images are quintessential Australia!!!


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