Monday, November 7, 2011

OUR WORLD - Angaston in the Barossa Valley

I dug into my archives again (not quite conversant with my
shiny new Canon while my trusty Nikon is languishing in
hospital), to share some photos I took for a MyWorld post.
So, in memory of Klaus, whose brainchild the meme was, I
post them now for the sequel.

Angaston is one of the old towns in the Barossa Valley wine
region. We go there on Saturday mornings to the farmers'
market but this time we just went for a walk and lunch.
Most of you will know that I have a great love of oaks so,
what better place to park, than under this magnificent
golden canopy?

Sometimes I like to explore what lies behind the facade of the
main street. We took a little path along the creek just off the
main drag to discover this storm-felled giant resting on the
grassy bank.

An old shed I have had a soft spot for for a long time

and chimneys reflected in the gold strewn creek.

The Angaston Hotel where we lunched,

sun shining through these forerunners of modern gladioli

and back to the golden drapery of one of my favourite oaks
to retrieve our car.

The end of a pleasant walk, that I hope you have enjoyed as
much as we did.

Share what you love or even dislike about your world to give
everyone a broader picture.


  1. A great walk with lots of terrific things to see.

  2. Shalom Arija. Thanks for showing such heart warming things.

  3. Lovely walk, Arija. I especially enjoyed the reflection in the creek.

  4. Looks like you're coming into summer!! Maybe you can have a glass of wine at one of the vineyards. It will make Boom & I feel warm as we move into winter. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. I enjoyed your walk very much. Lovely color and texture.

  6. What a lovely, wonderful walk you've taken us on, Arija! Thanks for the beauty and the variety! Hope your sister is improving and that you both have a good week! My thoughts are with you!


  7. Yes Arija - I so enjoyed my walk around the back-streets of Angaston and the sight of those delightful gladioli thrilled my heart. Love your top pic with the old iron fence and dappled light.

  8. gorgeous. that splendid tree trunk in the 2nd shot... wow...

  9. it is strange. You have spring, yet you have almost the same colors that we had two weeks ago, before the leaves were all gone. The oak were the last to lose them. :)

  10. Gracias por el paseo preciosa.

    Un abrazo.

  11. Thanks for dipping into the archives. These are wonderful photos that make a super tribute to Klaus.

  12. I dread this episodes of cameras in hospitals. Hope yours will be back soon.
    Great pics.

  13. What gorgeous shots!! Looks like a wonderful walk.

  14. Wonderful photos! That golden drapery is just beautiful.

  15. Thank you for taking us on this colorful walk. Hope your camera gets well soon.

  16. Arija - your new Header is fantastic! I always enjoy walking with you - you have a keen eye for the unusual, and your perspective always shows me something that I might not have seen otherwise.

  17. yes that was a fantastic walk you shared with us. That canopy of gold is so beautiful and if i were you maybe i would like to just sit under for sometime. I can imagine a tree like that is very good in someone's property near the garden, to have coffee and read a book or review the shots in the camera. hahaha!

  18. Angaston is my favourite Barossa town - I've even won a prize for jam at the Angaston show!!

    Such beautiful scenery - but what a shame watsonias are a declared weed!!

  19. Gode billeder.
    Tak fordi du tog os med på turen.
    Jeg kan godt li` dit billede af det gamle skur og blå himmel.

  20. A walk with lots of interesting colour! I love to wander like that and simply notice the little things!

  21. Very beautiful! Glad you dug out those photos for us!

  22. Hi Arija. Enjoyed the walk thank you and I love the refection image.


  23. It seemed as though you had walked through an enchanted forest, Arija. The oak tree is one of my favorites, too, and the one you have pictured looks particularly bright and golden!

  24. These are all quite lovely Arija. What a sweet remembrance for your friend~

  25. I love the old shed and the hotel looks charming. I enjoyed the walk very much and am glad you shared it.

    The birds in mine are cormorants. I'm glad though that i looked up the one you suggested because I'm not familiar with it and it's always nice to find out about different birds.

    I'm sending out good thoughts for your sister and for you.

  26. So very nice to meet you Arija! What a lovely place to spend time. Those oaks are so grand and beautiful. Hope you enjoy your day.

  27. That's a huge trunk of a tree!

    The golden leaves reflect the the mood of your walk.

    So many things to explore the beauty of nature.

  28. Arija, it was a pleasant walk! Thanks for taking us along!

  29. What spectacular pictures! I have always wanted to visit Australia but the fligt from Italy is too long, 24 hours or so, and I am afraid to fly. My brother has been there though, he stayed three weeks and showed me pictures. I am following you from Rome!


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