Monday, November 21, 2011

OUR WORLD, World Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes

I don't like lumping a number of memes together but since I am
off again tomorrow to be with my sister for a couple of days plus
two days travel, this is the best I can manage.

Last week's bird post (two posts down) showed Horsefield's Cuckoo
and my consternation at the appearance of this bird on our farm.
Here is precisely what I was afraid of : - a begging cuckoo baby,

more than twice the size of it's host parent, a tiny superb blue
wren hen working her butt of to rear this monster in her nest.

I don't hold with irresponsible parents inflicting their young
on others and am concerned at the prospect of our Superb Blue
Wren population taking a backward step just when they had
managed to build up their numbers a little.

On a happier note, on my walk across our cows' favourite
paddock last night, three Quail lifted into their low lumbering
flight at my approach. I was pleased to see them as I had not
spied any for a few years and feared they had fallen to the
imported foxes to this country that have been the bane of native
ground-nesting birds.

If you see this, please leave a sign of life as I appreciate your
comments so very much and my own visits will be even more
restricted than usual this week.

My thanks to the hosts of all three memes which can be accessed
through the relevant Logos on my side bar.


  1. safe travels, once again, dear arija! i do hope your sister is recuperating. :)

  2. Hi Arija! I wish all the strength you need this week. I wish you a blessed trip. Thanks for your bird photos! I didn't know cuckoos are so big. We have them here as well and they are notorious for laying their eggs in the nests of other birds here too.

  3. Travel safe, take care and know that my thoughts and good wishes for both you and your sister go with you. I always love your bird photos and these are delightful as always!


  4. I too am sending you a warm hug this week...I know..I have non-native house sparrows and starlings who threaten our native birds.....Michelle

  5. So your Cuckoos must be like our Brown Cowbirds and I have learned to accept and yet it does seem so very hard on the little parents that do all of the raising and feeding of these larger birds...yet tis nature. I bid you a blessed visit with your sister, travel safe~

  6. This was so interesting as I had no idea that some birds have of abandoning their babies for another bird to raise! I enjoyed my visit to your blog through Our World Tuesday. Enjoy your time off!

  7. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your visit with your sister. Are you still seeing babies, most of ours are gone south for the winter. It sounds like the cowbird here leaving its eggs in the cardinals nest. It is good news to see quails, hopefully they will stay safe from the fox. Great photos, have a wonderful week!

  8. Arija, I sure do hope the cuckoos don't take over. I feel sorry for the poor wren, and I hope you have a nice visit with your sister!

  9. Nice shots. We have a lot of ground-nesting birds on our land, and I have to argue with my wife every year to not cut the natural grasses so they can nest in peace.

  10. We have a bird that does that too. Lousy parenting skills.

    Be careful on your travels and remember to take time for you. Sending Hugs your way.

  11. The bird shots are great and I share your joy in sighting them. :)
    Have a happy and safe travel!

  12. I hope your trip goes well. I'm sending out good thoughts for you and your sister.

    Very interesting information and good shots.

  13. so happy that you got to see some quail.
    wishing you a lovely time away.

  14. What lovely shots!

    Have a great time with your sister. Hope she is getting better.

  15. I love your posts about birds.
    Have a safe trip Arija. My prayers go with you.
    Best wishes to Mara..
    B. {{HUGS}}

  16. Poor little Blue Wren with that noisy monster to feed! Up here the Koel's are the ones getting all the local birds upset right now. They have equally nasty habits.

  17. Great post, Arija!
    Safe travels.

  18. I knew cuckoo's did that, but have never seen it. Be safe!

  19. Amazing capture, Arija. I have seen a similar scene of a little warbler trying to feed a giant cowbird fledgling. My heart goes out to the "parent" birds! I wish you a safe trip. Stay well!

  20. I've only heard about the cuckoo's notoriety and seeing these images makes me feel bad for the wren! I hope your sister will feel better soon. My prayers...

  21. Safe travels ... I also dislike it when I see a bird rearing one not of its own. I had the same thing happen this summer as well.

  22. Lovely birds to see..
    Take care and give your sister my best wishes..

  23. Dedar Aria, I wish good luck, safe and blessed trip for both you and your sister.

  24. Here, the parasitic birds are the Cowbirds. Your photo really shows the difference in size between the begging youngster and the harried "parent".

  25. My community does not allow roaming cats or dog so the native quail population thrives.
    Have a safe journey.

  26. Gosh Arija, lots going on in your neighborhood. Abandoned cuckoo babies and all! Congratulations on the quail sighting too, that's very exciting.
    Thank you for your kind regards this week. I hope your visiting goes well this weekend. ;-)WBW!
    Cheers to you!

  27. Your excellent post gave many thoughts - thank you!
    Good and safe trip to you Arija!

  28. cuckoos have their way of life but it is sad when it is dangered species that falls viktim of them.

    Glad for your sight of the Quails. :)

  29. Hello travels and know that I continue to hold you and your sister in prayer.hugs Anna

  30. Hm, so many different birds. I'm afraid I wouldn't know the good guys from the bad guys.

    Have a wonderful trip. Best wishes to your sister.

  31. It is so nice to see you are busy but I know your task is heavy.


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