Sunday, November 6, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Flowers of Hope

To clear my head and give my sister a rest while incarcerated
in hospital, I went for a walk in the neighbourhood.

Peeping over the side fence near the emergency entrance was
this great snow-ball bush.

Spring in sub-urban Melbourne brought forth these arum lilies
against a rather monotonous house.

Normally, these lovely grevilleas would be a goldmine for
territorially fighting honey-eaters protecting their food
source. I was surprised at the lack of birds. Despite the masses
of flowers on all sides, I only saw a few Miner birds.

Roses were just starting to bloom with some unfortunately
damaged outer petals from the recent heavy rains.

Lastly, cherry blossom on a small street tree of some caring
gardener who had planted two on his nature strip.

The fresh air and flowers restored me to a semblance of normalcy
so I could keep my sister slightly more cheerful company.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring/Autumn wherever you
are. Forgive me if I do not manage to visit you all, I do as much as I
can manage at the moment.

TODAY'S FLOWERS make it possible for us to see what is blooming
around the world, so post your own and check out everyone else's!


  1. Lovely assortment of blooms, most of which are new to me.

    Sending healing thoughts your way, Arija. May God give you and your sister strength to go on....through this difficult period.

  2. Thank you, Arija for the tour through the beautiful flowers. Glad you cleared your head. I continue to pray for strength for and for your sister. Blessings Jo

  3. I am so glad there are so many beautiful flowers for you to enjoy while walking in between visits with your sister. Flowers can be so good for the soul.

  4. The Grevilleas look awesome! I'm sorry if I was not able to visit and know of your family concerns. I hope things will be OK and that this difficult time will bring meaningful moments instead of just pain...

  5. You find beauty wherever you go. I don't know what to say anymore or think sometimes. I just hope our sisters are not in pain. I think of you everyday. I wonder how you are doing. I try to remember what you said to me when I was in the Philippines and while I have accepted the things before me, I still hope. I must hope. I don't know why and it doesn't matter whether I know or not. I think that you understand when I say that loves keeps me going, my sister's love. Take care dearest Arija. Tsup!

  6. Lovely variety of flowers, spring in Australia is something I would love to see one day.

  7. Lovely pics. Hope your sister is doing well now.

  8. you just take some time for yourself for a bit and don't worry about us. we'll be here.

    and i loved those lilies best. so beautiful...

  9. HI Arija...Oh how I long for spring and we haven't even got through our Autumn yet..lo..but it is all good!!
    The blooms in your post are so refreshing to see I do hope the bring some peace and calm to you in what seems to be disheartening for you!!
    I look in on your previous post lovely images in that one and todays!!
    Much ♥

  10. Good to give yourself fresh air, plus I'm sure all these beautiful flowers lift your spirits. They sure did mine. I woke up to snow yesterday morning. Be good to yourself.

  11. What a beautiful tour you've taken us on and such gorgeous flowers, colors! I know what a difficult time this is for you and for your sister and I continue to hold good thoughts and send you lots of love and blessings!


  12. Beautiful flower shots. The gravilleas are amazing! Also like the new header.

  13. Quantas flores bonitas você fotografou! Desejo saúde à você a à sua irmã!

  14. Thank you for posting your beautiful flower pictures!!
    Wünsche Deiner Schwester eine baldige Genesung.
    LG Gisela.
    "In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends."
    - Kozuko Okakura

  15. Beautiful flowers. Love the variety.

  16. Beautiful flowers. I love grevilleas and I have one in the front garden.

  17. A walk, some flowers and a camera, a great way to refresh.
    Our neighbour has some arum lilies just like this with green/white flowers. I wasn't sure if they were meant to look like this but I guess it's another type of arum.

  18. So good to see lovely flowers in bloom now that all of ours have gone for this year.
    I hope you are having a good week Arija.
    Continued prayers for Mara, and you.

  19. Those are beautiful flowers, the snow bush looks like a white hydrangea. I also miss that grevillea which is thriving only in Australia. I have some memorable memories with grevillea.

  20. Appreciating the beautiful flowers around your are a wise way to balance the worries in your life and to give you strength to keep on caring.

  21. Hi Arija,

    Thanks for your visit and comments.

    The flower was taken at the Colonnel light gardens car park of Uniting church at Goodwood Road.

    Are you familiar with the place?


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