Tuesday, November 15, 2011

World Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - Around the Farm . . .

New boy on the block and a lifer for me, Horsefield's Bronze-
Cuckoo, Chalcites basalis, conveniently sitting on the power
line to our house. I heard the unfamiliar call and made a dive
for the camera.

Much as I like to see a new addition to our home birds, this
is one I would prefer to see elsewhere since the dear girl lays
her egg into our little Superb Blue Wren nests just when our
blue wren population has increased again and we dearly love
those cheerful streaks of blue in the garden.

I tried to get a shot at the wing that has a shimmer of green
but the bird was unobliging and did not turn around.

With warm days and rain, the weeds have grown to high heaven
but even so I spotted this Stumpy-Tail Lizard having a feed of,
and this surprised me, of all things the sharp and spicy green
seed-pods of the wild radish.

I had never before given any thought to what these creatures eat.
I am always happy when I see them in the garden since they use
the same nesting holes as snakes and if you know a lizard inhabits
a certain hole, it is unlikely that a snake does as well. Of the two
reptiles, the lizard usually manages to protect the hole.

This is only a teenager at most, isn't he/she cute?

Moving to the dam in the park, a White-faced Heron and
Wood-Duck companion sitting on the children's diving platform.

On the vantage point of one of the birches we lost in the drought,
an Adelaide Rosella poses. The beauty of my new camera is that
I have a much longer reach as these birds are notoriously shy here.

My evening walk bagged this Shrike-Thrush with it's late
supper. I really thought it was too dark for photos but the
camera surprised me

and lastly, a Sacred Ibis, again at the dam. This is the first
time in 20 years that I have spotted one on our home turf.

Who knows what I shall bag next week? As you see, I have been
exercising my new Canon EOS 600 D and am reasonably pleased
with it.

Wonder over to WORLD BIRD WEDNESDAY and Nature Notes and
check out what else is going on. Both memes are accessible from the
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  1. glad you've got lots to work that camera out on! the cuckoo is cool, but that lizard is my fave! :)

  2. A great variety of shots! Nicely done! Glad you are enjoying your new camera!

  3. Great post, Arija! I love all the birds and the cute lizard. I am happy your are enjoying your new camera.

  4. Great photos. It sounds as if you are having fun with the new camera - and all of us benefit when you post such lovely photos!

  5. Nice bird shots, but I really love the lizard! Sometimes I see lizards in our yard and I wonder how they make it through the winter.

  6. These are all excellent captures Arija. I really like that stumpy lizard. Guess that new camera is drawing your attention and lens to many new discoveries.

  7. Isn't it fun to be able to share the variety of birds around the world. We have herons an ibis but they are different from the ones you have. I wish I could go birding in your part of the world. Oh, the wonders I would see! But then, there are plenty of wonders in my own part of the world as well.

  8. so wonderful to see your critters
    they look so very different than any i see here, so fun!

  9. Some excellent birds there Arija, but I love that Lizard face. :-)

  10. Hi there - the stumpy tail is a good find. My son fell over one when he was very young!

    Splendid set of shots.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. I enjoy your photos of lovely birds and I am glad that you are enjoying your new camera. As for the lizard, I would like if I could say it is cute but I can't. I am simply not used to such creatures. I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy the garden, knowing that a lizard instead of a cat :-))can appear all of a sudden. I am sorry for such a feeling but it is stronger than me.

  12. Great collection. I featured birds today too.

  13. The cuckoo looks fairly similar to its European counterpart, cool bird.
    My bearded dragon enjoys spicy stuff as well, like nasturtiums or cress. He also loves chilis, but they don't taste spicy to him (only mammals taste those as spicy).

  14. You got some great captures! A nice selection of birds...the lizard is so cute! We don't have that kind and yet i keep clicking away. Looking forward to your photos & posts.:)

  15. You've already taken some wonderful shots with your new camera. I enjoyed all the shots. The lizard was great and I always love shots of birds.

  16. Great post!! The lizard is exceptional. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Wonderful variation of species in this post. The Lizard is a cool find

  18. Wonderful images Arija.
    The camera looks like it's doing a good job but it's the person behind it that frames the scene.
    Lovely images of your amazing wildlife.

  19. you have many reat birds today. And congrats to that beautiful lifer. Looks great for a cooko. :)

  20. The camera is performing well for you, Arija. Just curious what kind of lens are you using? The photos are all exceptional. I envy you that green.... Here everything is gray and brown...

  21. Wow Arija..you are getting fantastic photos...There is something very sweet about the lizard and glad to hear that he helps out keeping the neighborhood safe....hugs..

  22. Oh Arija, the 600D is bagging some nice shots! That technology can bring in really good low light results even at 1600 ISO. Your learning curve seems to be pretty good, the increase in quality of your pictures is dramatic. You are blessed with a great eye. Doesn't hurt that all these "lifers" are showing up on your doorstep too! Exciting times!

  23. It's delightful to see spring in your world! I never would have thought a lizard might guard its hole to keep snakes out. Interesting.

  24. Love the photos you captured with your new camera,your part of the country is beautiful,glad you are finding birds that have been around but not seen for awhile,thanks for sharing,phyllis

  25. You have some great shots here. That is one beautiful bird. And the lizard that is totally new to me is adorable. A snake proofer? My kind of critter.

  26. what a wonderful, beautiful collection. looks like you are having a great time with the new camera!!

  27. What a nice collection of beautiful birds and a really cute lizard!

  28. It's a fascinating and beautiful post!

  29. Gorgeous pix -- you are getting greater every day (and you started out pretty high to begin with!). Too bad about that cuckoo -- not one I'd want to see either with those nesting habits.

    Your skies (in the post above) are beautiful as well, as are your words!

  30. You have been out getting used to your new camera, and such good pictures too. I love the lizard! Of course all your birds too since we don't see them here. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Oh, Arija, good for you! I'm so glad the new camera is working out for you! Lovely pictures and a sacred ibis? Wow! Did it leave a benediction on your pond?

  32. The birds are lovely but what really caught my attention was the lizard. What amazing creature!

  33. It is always so interesting to see and read about the creatures that live in your part of the world..

  34. Such a wonderful assortment of birds! All, except the wood duck, would be lifers for me! Glad you like your new camera. I bought one, brought it home and toyed with it. Decided it wasn't for me, and returned it.

  35. soo many great things going on in this post! I love your bird buddies, but that lizard is adorable with his fat head! Love it all :) Great photos!

  36. Oh sorry. I am so afraid of lizards. I will probably call an exterminator... sorry :(


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