Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It rains and rains, drumming on the iron roof.

Though gray and gloomy be the day, it still

abounds with treasure. The droplets cling to

twig and leaf like diamonds all aquiver, just

stop and listen what they say, they speak to

us in voices gay of sunny skies and clouds of

gray, of mist and dreaming willow fronds, of

twinkling stars on faerie wands and thirsty soil

a-drinking. The roots of trees all parched from

drought and heat swell thirstily and sigh. How

can you wonder why a dark and dreary day I

bless, with rain, rain, rain, more rain.

1 comment:

  1. ahhh Arija... everything in its measure... This rain is well received... I hope it soaks into the earth and is saved for when it is needed...
    your photographs are moist and refreshing!


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