Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dawn Mist

The dawn mist blankets dale and hill

it hovers as the sun wakes

in my garden still

softening colours with a gentle light

Leaving my sleep-warm bed behind

my hand extension in my grasp

my night-shirt flappin

with urgency to catch this pure delight
before it bursts in glory

Alone in my own universe

I do my best to gather this gentlest of all lights

my concentrated gaze and lens

drink in the flowers water vapour wrapped

refreshed, preening their plumage

gracefully posing for me here and there

The greens are softened,

pink and blue enhanced

mere moments does this light so rare

sent just to gladden one lone heart endure

The faeries twitter round my dew drenched feet

my mist soaked nighty clinging to my knees

a gentle fluttering around my head

crowns me with diamond dew drops

gleaming in my hair

Gold rays of sun

with flash of sword the mist dispel

which I alone enjoyed

uplifting soul and strengthening belief

alone, cold, wet I stand

absorbed in my own wonderland.


  1. This opening photo is marvelous! Sigh. You do have a wonderful world and thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. What a completely magical garden! I adore the spider web.

  3. Very beautiful flowers and poems.

  4. Thank you for taking us to your wonderland! I really loved your poetry and the walk through the garden of your imagery :)

  5. Oh Arija, my, my, my!!!

    Thank you! breathtaking!

    we were up early this morning and it was a brilliant sunrise, stiil long shadows... highlighting the webs of the spiders.. they were everywhere...

    I can just imagine you there, alone in your splendor.. the quietness...

    oh I know I repeat myself, but to have flowers in the winter, would feel like spring to me!!!

  6. To those who visit on a regular basis,
    : I value your comments so very much.

    To my first time visitors I extend a very warm welcome and hope to see you again.

    To my kindred spirit, you read my heart and between my very thoughts.

    Thank you one all.

  7. the pictures are beautiful and the beauty is enhanced by the rhythmic lyrics..... lovely!

  8. These photos, especially the mist one and the spiderweb, and your words go straight to the heart.

  9. Beautiful pictures in this very special light!! Magical indeed!


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