Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The rising moon
my face caressing

has banished sleep

once more

Outside in still, crisp night

so clear

stars blaze above me

putting moon to shame

horizon kissed by Southern Cross

Nebula at mid heaven

like Merlin's coat

the firmament adorned

Though frost may burn

young growth this night

the bright exhilarating sky

shall stay a dear delight.



  1. Your photos and poetry are always amazing, Ariji! I particularly love this line, "Nebula at mid heaven like Merlin's coat the firmament adorned." Wonderful.

    Hey, I see you figured out how to post your award! Your blog is definitely well deserving.

  2. I love your poetry, and that moon rising photo is just beautiful. Have a great day.

  3. "horizon kissed by Southern Cross"
    as a sailor i like this words, I like your poetry and the beautiful photos. The second is realy romatic in a impressionistic way.

  4. Great photos and poetry. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  5. Your blog is just beautiful. Every picture is breathtaking. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  6. I could feel the crispness in the air. And I'm certain Merlin's coat would look just as you describe.

  7. I enjoyed reading this poem and looking at the pictures with immense pleasure. I eco Willow's sentiment about "Merlin's coat the firmament adorned" - that imagery paints with words what an Italian poet once tried to express with the exclamation "m'illumino d'immenso" (there seems to be no agreement what he was really referring to, it is commonly interpreted as describing a moment of revelation, of the immensity of sea and sky, illuminating the viewer).

    I shall remember your wish to see Schönbrunn in autumn light! Right now I am enjoying the glassy light of late August to the fullest (which brings to mind another line by the above mentioned poet, Giuseppe Ungaretti,
    "Si sta come
    sugli alberi
    le foglie

  8. I am completley enraptured by your posts and pictures, I have lept from post to post like a child opening presants at Yule. Each one more beautiful with words that conjure up dreams, and inspiration.
    What a magical and wonderous start to my day.
    Lynn xx

  9. Edward and I have added you to our blog roll of Splendid Locales. We do so enjoy our visits here!

  10. You are very talented with the camera. Your photos always inspire different moods.

  11. Willow,
    I'not really satisfied with this lttle effort but posted it anyway being pertinent to that particular night. Glad you liked some of it.

    Becky and Gary,
    thank you that is very kind of you.

    If some of my words toutched your sailor' heart, I am satisfied. I'm fond of that shot too. Thanks.

    Thanks for the visit. Glad you approve.

    It warms my heart that you like my work, thanks. Please come again.

    pamela, terry and edwaed,
    seldom had I seen such a sky where the stars were so bright and low you could almost toutch them.
    Thank you for adding me to the quick and easy finds. Being a dunce at this game i await my daughter's return to add you to mine.

    it's so complimentary to be compared to a poet when one is but
    hunting for words to express a sentiment. Thank you. My Italian is covered in rust but I did enjoy your quotes. I look forward to my next visit to your Vienna.

    sea angels,
    you give me hope that my paradise is not a dead loss. Do call in again.

    My drawing is no longer up to expressing what I feel, so I do my
    best to capture it through my lens. At the moment I'm searching for a compatible Macro for my Nikon
    D40, and my 300mm does not quite fill my needs either.
    Have just enjoyed a visit with you.

  12. Your poetry and photographs are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I will be back! Roxanne

  13. Roxanne,
    I very much hope we wil exchange many visits. We have much in common.

  14. Oh Arija, what wonders!You have the eyes to see and the words to describe, how lucky we are that you share!

  15. Annett,
    You are much too kind. Blogging has stimulated me to put my "not able to do much" time to some use, To corelate some of my 10,000+ photos with a few random thoughts.
    As a youngster I wrote a little poetry though blank verse was discouraged then. All things within rhyme and reason.

  16. So special.. You are an amazing artist Ariya.. truly beautiful... you know just when, just where and just how...


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