Friday, August 8, 2008

The river sprite

The river maiden floating
in the depths below
hair billowing behind her
like a cloud

ripples caress

her soul and heart

her smile beguiling

dancing over rock

and craggy waterfall


she lies there dreaming

of times past

and yet to be,

willow fronds

stroking her streaming hair,

of pilgrim's weary feet refreshed

small creatures drinking

at her bounteous breast

she lingers dreaming

gleaming with sunlight

lending glory to her hair


the casual passer by

but sees green slime

and turns away

yet those with open hearts

stay smiling

wrapped in reverie.


  1. What beautiful pictures you draw with your words. Thank you .

  2. I like the photograph of the flowing algae, it's a nice abstract. Your midwinter photos are a lot different than the ones I've taken here. Nothing grows in the winter here except for icicles.

  3. Very beautiful poetry.
    Yes, I like to think the green strands floating in my ponds belong to my "pond fairy."

  4. How lovely are your words. I write some poetry but know little about the genre except what I have read. At school we studied 'The Metaphysical' poets. Quite difficult, but I loved John Donne and his crowd.

    Thanks for your message. As you know I, too love photography. See my blog (when I update soon) for the photos at the local show. I won 2 first prizes in the professional section. So thrilled.

  5. I enjoyed this. Thanks for the visit to my blog and leaving the comment. :-)

  6. Thank you all for visiting and your very kind comments, do come again.

  7. Lovely, lovely poem and photo. Of course I love this part, "willow fronds stroking her streaming hair"!

  8. Greetings, and thanks so much for stopping by "Out With Ari." You have a lovely blog filled with so many riches--great photos, wonderful stories, evocative poetry. We'll be back often. May we add you to our blog roll?

  9. Dear Willow I did think of you as I wrote that. We have grat weeping willows sweepingthe ground with their leafy hands, somehow it all gelled. I just posted another snippet, unfortunately it slipped in two posts down and even with help I could not slot it in on top. Hope you smile at that too with apologies to Hillair Belloc. Thanks for kind comment.

    Kathryn and Ari, I often hear a loud shout for me across the paddock of Ahhriii, so am most pleased to welcome someone else here who will answer the call. With my circumferene I roll easily on a post or any where else. Please do.

  10. Arija, I love this wild flowing green mermaid hair... and your poem was so eloquent ... and soothing, like rocking a baby to sleep...


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