Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spring Frost at Sunrise

The beauty of a frosty sunrise cleanses
and invigotates the senses.

View towards the berry patch and espalier

Icing on the strawberries

Pine stumps on what is to become my spring garden bed
a lonely Nicotiana sylvestris in foreground

Iced clover

Frosted raspberry leaves enjoying the first rays of sun

View across the fence, the holding paddock
to the second holding paddock .
This little and ephemeral transformation is
the nearest I get to an all concealing snowcover.


  1. Beautiful photos but I am glad I am only looking at all that frost and not having to actually feel it!

  2. Hello !

    Magnifiques photos...

    Ton trèfle est "étrange"...

  3. Hi! Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    In Japan it's the end of summer.
    So I'm really pleased to see the icing leaves.
    Because it's humid in Tokyo.
    So I feel something cooool!
    Thank you:)

  4. Those frosty leaves make good photography subjects at close range. Thanks a lot for dropping by in my blog. You have a beautiful blog here and I promise to be back.

  5. Glorious frost photos, Arija! I'm looking forward to our first fall frost.

    Godspeed on your journey and keep in touch along the way!

    Willow x o

  6. Oh, it looks enchanted. I know it may not be a popular feeling, but I cannot wait for frost! The colder the better for me. And, Edward.

  7. love the frosed strawberries...

    I love how you see the world

  8. beautiful frosty pictures Arija. No frost here in Derbyshire today. It's been hot and humid this morning,then rainy all afternoon!

  9. What beautiful, frosty photos. Love the way the ice makes all the details stand out on the leaves. Your photos are just lovely.

  10. Very beautiful, but a bit too frosty for me :). I still enjoy the end of the summer here! Have a nice time!

  11. Liebe Arija, vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch auf meinem Wanderblog. Ich habe gerade eine Wanderung gepostet, und zwar auf die Rax Alpe. Für den Fall dass Du Höhenluft schnuppern willst :)
    Liebe Grüße Maria

  12. Oh, that looks so inviting. We're having a last blast of summer heat here in my part of Canada, can't wait for the cool crisp fall days.

  13. Ariya, These photos are again spectacular.. Such a delicate season of winter you have... like a fairy waved her magic wand... but ever so subtley...

  14. I really, really like these group of photographs.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. I enjoy your blog so much that I gave you an award that is just a thank you and you don't have to pass it forward if you don't want to...

  16. Love this a sugar coat over the land.
    Beautiful photos, as always.

  17. Thankyou so much for the lovely comment. Please add me to your blogroll and I will do the same. Do check out my ABC Wednesday project, it is now in round 3! I am sure you would enjoy it.

    Great to meet you too,



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