Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Winter weeding and gardeners' hands

My garden guardian

Perfumed white violet

The hole

Just returned from foray into garden, dug great hole and added yummy mix of sheep, cow and blood and bone to bottom of same at second spade depth level. 'The Alnwick' rose whose pink clashes with 'Graham Thomas' will get a new residence, it, and it's twin, will flank 'Abraham Darby' to balance the other side of my nescent secret garden with 'Just Joey' supported by two 'Jude the Obscure'. Don't you just love the name? It cunjures up times of chivalry and romance, of wimples and siken slippers. I digress. Back to earth.

Aren't you green with envy that I can just trundle down the
hill with my trusty barrow and fill it up at the sheep yards?
Then comes the hard bit, hoping that my daughter or one of
the grandies will take it up again. Not so bad really, usually
score a cup of tea while asking.

My back resenting the exertion, straightened opening a view
of the first rather moth eaten golden Jonquil,

also the grass having sprung up with the few days of rain
threatening knee height and blanketing beds and paths on
its inexorable march to infinity.

Can you guess what I mean when I say weeding, they sprang up while I was pruning roses ... really sneaky!

I'm game, I actually love , yes, Love weeding. Now I must tell you,
I am a person of great forsight, the Boyscouts motto and all that
you know....I always liked boys....ah well.... I bent to indulge myself
with an ogry of weeding only to discover that my heart had become
so jealous of my knees it would not allow my head anywhere near
them. A bit of a disappointment but I have my ways and means,
so down I went on one knee in proposing mode. Remember the
Boyscouts? Yes I was prepared for any eventualiy, my gardeners'
hands were soaked in Skin Repair to their eye balls, I wore gloves.
I even wear gloves at night to evade awakening to mysterious stiff
Polish sausages grafted to my wrists. Well there I was enjoying my
orgy when I spied some tufts of grass among the Freesias. The clump
of Freesias was rather thick and gloves are not known to distinguish
between them and grass. My right glove came off, but only for a
moment you understsand, and, as my knee was getting a bit stiff
from moisture and cold and hard ground, it formed a little, but
effective, insulator. Thereafter I did what I like doing best....
I weeded with gay abandon, savouring the moist earth, talking to
the worms and squashing the armies of little white imported snails.
My cup runneth over. I am at peace.

Flowering at the moment

Surprise in the shade-house

A violet from my mothers garden many years ago

Cosmos in mid-winter?

Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew) with pine mushroom in background

The first Hyacinth

Ipheion uniflorum

Ruby grapefruit, not really aflower, but so bright

Glowing ruby seeds on honeysuckle

Hail pelting down on front path.


  1. To have a garden in winter is beyond my knowing.. I am so glad for you... and me for being able to take in the beauty of yours...

    The pathway looks so inviting... and to have unlimited access to sheep manure.. oh I remember the days when I had my goats and sheep.. their manure was like gold!!! wonderful country treasures...

  2. Spring flowers, how lovely and
    roses too,
    But I can't understand all this passion for poo!
    (Sorry, don't know what came over me!)

    That little violet from your mothers' garden, is so poignant.I love all the tiny woodland flowers.They seem to act as a memory trigger for me.
    You know, 'We went there when the bluebells were out . etc.'
    I think I may be rambling . .
    I do enjoy seeing your garden and it's wonderful that you find peace there, take care of those knees though.

  3. Yes Gwen, it is an absolute blessing, manure is like the mother lode to a miner, it is the corner stone the garden is built on. With roses you really notice the effects of the triple entente in the second year when they grow like topsy.

    Annette, poetry! and of such standard! I am toutched....and wonder about you too....

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I'm glad you did, so I found the way to your interesting blog with all the beautiful pictures. If you'd like to continue weeding, you are very welcome here in my garden ;-) !! I m not very successful....though I try hard..
    Looking forward to coming back!

  5. Arija, I'm sorry! I'll try to get some therapy. . .

  6. What great photos of the flowers. I wish I spent just a little more time in my yard. I used to live out there. It's hot now and I hate working out there in the full sun.
    :-( Your work looks like it has definitely paid off!


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