Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Cat

My cat sits on the window sill

it thinks of this and that

of what life was in days of yore

before it was my cat

I know not what it's life has been

before it was MY cat

it came one day from nowhere

it came, sat down with confidence

and stayed to be my cat.

Now it is my familiar

each decent witch has one

it came right to the pearly gates

when all is said and done

I was rejected and sent back

she came with me along the track

with time we both recovered

a new lease back on life

we've been together ten full years

enjoying every minute

she's twenty and still going strong

together now we both belong

a little slowing down we are

until we follow our particular star

to where we will be wild and free

to ride our broomstick o'er the sea


  1. Life is a journey and it is wonderful that you found each other to travel along together..
    One can always tell a kindred spirit... She keeps your secrets and understands...

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

    Your black cat looks like it has Siamese in it. Very nice poem.

    Does your ability with Reiki draw you to certain people?

  3. I have more pictures of my garden in my June posts. Clematis June 19 and I had a cyber garden party on June 4 with a slide show of what was growing at the time.

    Oh, my birthday is the 14th of January. The 7th belongs to the gal who left that comment.

    Also, I have to admit to not having the faintest idea what Reiki is although I've seen it mentioned on other blogs. I shall check that out now :)

  4. Thank you Gwen for your lovely comment.

    My cat is an Oriental, thin and sleek, in youth jet black with superlong tail and ears and an aristocratic Roman nose. She purrs like water rippling over stones, only louder and bites because she loves you so.

    Thanks Manuela I'll check tem out.

  5. She must have wonderful balance, Arija...
    I used to have a Tonkenese and she was the most amazing jumper I ever saw in my whole life...

  6. Gwen, how lovely to see you here again. Yes she does but nowadays she prefers her cushion and blanket to trees and vertical walls. India had two Burmese in succession, they became rather shortened and snub-nosed with age.
    A mature Siamese Tom adopted me before the fire and survived for six weeks after.
    Feel free to drop in anytime, my door is always open. I really enjoy your visits.

  7. Your cat is beautiful. She reminds me of Starling, my sleek, black domestic shorehair who passed away several years ago. I still miss her.

    Cats are wonderful judges of people and of character. That is one of the reasons I respect them so much. No body can ever fool a cat.

  8. Such a lovely black cat. I've had several in my lifetime; some people find them a bad omen, but I think a pure black cat is beautiful. Just had to comment here because my cat--Toby, a white part Siamese is sitting on the windowsill at the moment behind lace curtains similar to yours:)

  9. Arija, you mentioned "after the fire" over at my blog ... what kind of fire happened? I sadly had a fire too... in 1990...


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