Saturday, November 12, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Flowers of Hope II

In the same Rehab. Centre as last week, I discovered these
wonderful delights in a number of enclosed courtyards.

Beautiful Rhododendron specimens which I certainly appreciated
but was surprised that only one patient took advantage of this
lovely sheltered spot and he had been wheeled thereby someone

Whenever I have been in a like situation, I have always sought
out any little place that had vegetation to regenerate the soul.

Another courtyard had these warm colours in it. Oranges and
glowing reds and still no-one taking advantage of all that

Thanks to Luiz Santilli Jr. we can all share the most beautiful flowers
with each other so click on the logo and join in.


  1. Beautiful, Arija. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Jo

  2. those orange and reds and yellow look silk - they're too perfect to be real.

  3. I am glad you took advantage of this beauty. It is a shame that the patients are not being encouraged to enjoy these things.

  4. Looks like an uplifting place to heal. Some people just don't get it.

  5. So gorgeous, as always, Arija! The colors are breathtaking! And, yes, they're almost too beautiful to be real!! I do think it's sad that the patients aren't encouraged to enjoy them -- sights like these would certainly help me heal! Hope your weekend is going well!


  6. Your post today reminds me of the book, Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being, by Esther M. Sternberg M.D. It's an account of brain science and recent research that suggests our immunity and healing are greatly affected by our stress levels and surroundings. It seems more people should be taking advantage of those lovely blooming spots, Arija!

  7. Jo

    Thank you, I need all the blessing I can get.


    You are so right, it was the impossible colour and perfection that caught my eye, also that life awakening brilliant orange.


    everyone seemed so concerned with their own tasks yet someone had wheeled that old man out there.


    I was astonished that people blindly walked along corridors with glass wall to the gardens and never gave them a glance.


    Both staff, patients and visitors seemed to have blinkers on. I seemed to be the only one to appreciate the soothing effect of all the inner and surrounding plantings.


    That is so true. That is why I could never be a city dweller. Living on 3 acres above a city already became too crowded for me. Now on our 500acres it seems like I could use more than that to insulated against the mass of population as the city moves ever closer to us.

  8. Hi Arija...How beautiful the flowers and colors are uplifting!!
    May they bring you hope and peace for your situation !!

    Take care

  9. Beautiful Rhoddies. I love them, and already miss them. Good think I took lots of pictures last summer.{{HUGS}} my dear friend.

  10. You always manage to find beautiful flowers and share your gorgeous shots with us. I've been looking back a bit on your posts, catching up very gradually after traveling for a month. Exciting for you to get such a nice new camera, and I'm sure soon you will feel comfortable with it and taking more wonderful photos. God bless.

  11. ahhhh...
    the wood stove pix on the blog banner
    touches m'heart to see it....
    and makes me smile

  12. Arija, I love these flower images, taken with your brand new camera...;) These are each so beautiful, I feel as though, I can reach out and touch them! I do the very same thing...if I have been in hospital, which I have a few times, once I can, I am off having family get me outdoors, take in fresh air, look at, touch the beauty, warms the heart and soul~

  13. They're beautiful flowers, I really like those red orange color flower, they're an eye catching colors.

  14. These colors are downright amazing. Thanks for sharing these!

  15. Beautiful photos!
    Love the Rhododendron, the colours are beautiful!

  16. What beauty, one can only hope that more patients find their way into this courtyard!

  17. What a wonderful place to rest and enjoy one's surroundings. Just beautiful Arija, thank you for sharing.

  18. Lovely photos. A shame these flowers aren't enjoyed my more residents.

  19. Ah, Arija, but YOU were! I hope it brought a warm smile and a gentle healing to your soul. Very beautifully photographed I might add!

  20. beautiful and lovely flowers! nice place too

  21. What a wonderful collection of flowers. I'm glad you are able to find beautiful flowers when you are at the rehab center.

  22. I am loving your gorgeous flowering bounty... such a delight in our growing darker days!!!


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