Monday, April 11, 2011

My World ~ Melrose to Tumby Bay, a Road Trip

Most of you will know we were away for a while for a little trip
to the Eyre Peninsula. Our first two nights were spent in Melrose
where my SkyWatch shots came from. Onward through this pass
where you can just glimpse the sea in the distance and on to

The Arid Lands Botanical Gardens at Port Augusta where we
were welcomed by this beautiful goanna, all of 3' long and not
at all shy.

Sturt Desert Peas were still flowering and we had a wonderful
lunch at the restaurant as well as acquiring a great book on desert
plants so that I can bore you with botanical names galore in the

On again through arid landscape where the locals obviously
have a sense of humour and ask their girlfriends to marry them
on the side of five huge water tanks in the middle of nowhere.

A luxurious night in a seaside motel in Whyalla, a stroll on
the beach, a romantic dinner and next morning on wheels again

through 100 miles of not very much

to lunch at this charming old hotel in Cowell where the largest
jade deposit in the world is found and

we met this charming couple, not very chatty but so comfortable
on their bench on the verandah. We spent the night in a cabin at
the beach side caravan park and I had a chance in the evening to
dangle my line from the jetty.

Onward another 100 miles or so, just a nice drive, to our
destination in Tumby Bay where we had a welcoming committe
serenade us on the sea front.

and I had some luck from the jetty. We had a five night stay
booked, but it was so pleasant there that we stayed eight nights

And then, there were the pelicans . . . but that is another story.

All photos enlarge and if you wish to see the marriage proposal,
enlarge at least the water tanks.

Thanks to the eager beavers among the MY WORLD Team, I too can share
this epic with the world.


  1. Arija, this trip is divine! I'm glad you got to go fishing. So nice to find a place comfortable to stay for an extended visit.

  2. great job sharing your trip with us. love your photos! captured the spirit of things well!

  3. Oh my goodness, sounds like a wonderful trip, which I would love to do some time!

  4. Beautiful photographs Arija - the whole thing could not be more different from where we live - exquisite colours.

  5. Terrific captures and a fantastic post for the day! What a fun trip, Arija, and I'm so glad you've taken us along! Marvelous photos as always! I could use a trip like that about now!! Have a great week!


  6. Oh Arija it looks like you had a memorable and relaxing trip. Thanks for taking all of us on the ride with you. Scenery most of us will never see.Love those Pelicans!
    Hope you are having a good day.

  7. This is a wild wild west tale from down under! Jack and took a trip to the deep south to 12 plantations and gardens and I have been writing for two weeks now about it. Hope you will come take a look.

  8. That looks like a long but very rewarding road trip. Great photos!

  9. Beautiful shots from your trip. Very interesting mix of images.

  10. Envy you two for such relaxing trip and thanks for taking us along.

  11. A delightful trip! A hundred miles a day leaves lots of time for seeing nature and fishing is not a rush job.

  12. This iquana is big, I see those one foot long ones in the Gold Coast.

  13. Great trip narrated, terrific shots too.

  14. Looks like a delightful roadtrip! It's so nice when you like a place well enough to stay longer than you had intended.

  15. the second one is simply MARVELOUS...Maybe cause is the most difficult shot to take.

  16. Thank you for taking us on a mini tour. Looks like a great place for a relaxing vacation.

  17. Natsirran said:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures!! Really nice=)

  18. Beautifully narrated and I really enjoyed tagging along. Looks like a interesting and relaxing trip.

  19. kat has left a new comment on your post "TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Yucca": lovely...

  20. Very interesting place and the picture speak it all


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