Saturday, April 30, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ A New Discovery

Too tired to go on, we went off the beaten track into the backwoods
of the Ottway ranges following a sign to a remote B&B.
The sky was threateningly overcast, evening was drawing nigh
although it was only mid-afternoon.

Way up a dirt track we found it. The erstwhile garden overgrown
with rampant blackberries . . . the owners were as far removed from
gardeners as you could get, yet here and there was historical
evidence of another hand.Some late dahlia heads sought the light
through blackberry tangles and this, to me totally new creeper
shone lanterns of pink into the gathering gloom.

At first, and from a distance, it had the look of a passionfruit ,
yet when I had braved an overgrown ditch where someone had
attempted to cut up a fallen branch with a chainsaw but had
given up and left the logs in the tall grass to trip up strange
wanderers, I came near enough to snap a flower through a
gap in the general disarray.

Is it a relative of the Clematis? I have no books at hand to
investigate . . . does anyone know it more personally than I
who have stumbled on it per chance? It is quite large, approx.
4" across and 6" dangling.

My computer desperately needs a drink and it's lifeline is in
the car, it is also 3 o'clock in the morning and cold outside.

So farewell from your foreign correspondent for now . . .


  1. ah, I wish I could help you out, but it's foreign looking to me. beautiful though. and what an excitement to discover these treats in the way-back where no one goes. have a lovely weekend.

  2. That is a beautiful lonely flower you have found, but I must say I don't recogonize it either.
    Take care in your travels, and keep sending us all your amazing photos.

  3. What a lovely flower hidden in dense vegetation! I am sorry that I don't know its name.

  4. I like what you found. She is a grand nameless beauty.

  5. when I am reading what you wrote I have the impression that you were close to me

    thanks for the texts

  6. keep in touch, dearest and have a nice trip

  7. Lovely flower and does look like it could be a clematis relative. I fear I've let blackberries take over a lot of my garden but the birds love them and I eat them too.

  8. What a lovely walk that must have been Arija, and thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Can't help but smile when I look at them. Have a great week.

  9. Mystery flower. It only adds to its appeal.

  10. Whatever it is, it is beautiful. I love the color and the story about how you found it.

  11. Great post of your adventure, Arija--no ID on the flower? It does look like a clematis but the leaves would be key.

  12. What a treasure to find! I can't help you out on the id--I'm not really up on tropical flowers.

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  14. I think it is a banana passionfruit flower. I also have a red passion flower that does not fruit looks terribly fragile and exotic but flowers now and threatens to take over everything and isnt fazed by frosts.
    Sounds like a lovely trip.


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