Thursday, April 7, 2011

SkyWatch ~ Mt. Remarkable Sunset

Back in the circuit again!

Our first overnight stop was in Melrose, at the foot of
Mt.Remarkable where we climbed part way up the mountain
and just caught the tail end of the sunset.

Naturally I kept on shooting as I huffed and puffed ever upward.

Stopping to turn around and enjoy the moon in the blue of
the eastern sky (in case you can't see it, it is the tiny white spot
in the upper middle of the sky)

and trudging on to wonder at the whirling clouds overhead.

To end the day the full drama emerged and we just managed
to stumble down again before it was pitch dark.

All photos enlarge of course.

Thank you to the splendid SkyWatch Team for their tenacity
in keeping this great meme going.


  1. Cik interesanta krāsu spēle mākoņos. Manuprāt, izcilas fotogrāfijas.
    Man arī ļoti patika pelikāns lidojumā - tik neparasts putns un vēl tādā momentā Jums izdevās nofotogrāfēt.

  2. Isn't Melrose a beautiful place ,and so peaceful.
    Thanks for the notification of the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival Arija. Have fun with your photos! Unfortunately I may be away elsewhere at that time, but I appreciated your visit to Textilosophy to let me know, and your thoughtful comment.

  3. Oh, those are beautiful! I was trudging along with you!

  4. You earned a remarkable sunset.

  5. What a superb, perfect way to end a day!!! The clouds and colors are breathtaking. Gorgeous captures as always, Arija! I do hope you're having a good week.


  6. Lovely pictures.I almost felt tired for you,but the pictures are worth the effort.

  7. Beautiful series of sky shots! I esecially love the second one, the tree is following the clouds so perfectly!
    All the best Arija!

  8. Gorgeous sunset shots, Arija. I like the last one the best--very dramatic! It is amazing how quickly sunset colors change as the seconds go by.

  9. Just fabulous! Well worth the effort!

  10. What a great sky, looks like you had a nice hike on the mountain. Well worth the walk to see this pretty sunset. Happy skywatching!

  11. Glorious views of the sky the higher we climb..huffing and puffing of course! Nice to visit.
    hugs Anna

  12. Oh my goodness, they are almost like roll clouds. Very dramatic. You must have felt exalted.

  13. Wow - those skies are amazing!

  14. That ring of fire is remarkable.

    Is it getting cool where you are?

  15. What beautiful skies Arija. Spectacular colors too.
    Hiking at night. You are so brave.

  16. Wow it's very remarkable and I see the moon too. Thanks for sharing!


  17. Amazing clouds--very beautiful. Mickie :)

  18. Magnificent light you have captured here...gorgeous!

  19. Good early morning, I am having a late start to viewing these splendid captures of the gorgeous skies~

    Have a glorious week and may it be blessed~

  20. I love the dramatic changes and colors of the sky. Beautiful pictures for sure!

  21. Beautiful photos..I hope that you are doing well dear friend.... hugs..Michelle

  22. Sunsets through clouds are so beautiful.

    Thank you so much for your message. I'm glad your heart valve is doing well. I know how hard it is when loved ones health fails on top of everything else. You and your husband will both be in my thoughts.

    I also understand the gardening issues. It's hard in some ways for me to see my garden grow wilder and wilder even though I like the wildness in some ways. I guess optimally I'd like to be able to tend the parts I want to and make choices about what goes wild. As you said though it is a process and we all have to deal with it as we get older.

    Love, Carver


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