Sunday, April 17, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Helpful Insect

A late autumn rose with a friendly, helpful Praying Mantis.

Well, perhaps just a little camera shy.

How kind, she actually posed for a photo. . . just look at those
great bedroom eyes, beats Omar Sharif!

OK, I've had enough now.

They all enlarge so you can see me better.

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  1. Great shots of the praying mantis on the beautiful roses.

  2. Such a beautiful backdrop for your friendly friend.

  3. What a terrific camera you have! I can even see the textures of her forelegs. She sure does look like a geisha! Good morning, Goodnight to you, sweet Arija. Tsup!

  4. Terrific captures as always, Arija! Love the rose and its friendly green visitor! Hope you have a great week ahead! Enjoy!


  5. how wonderful
    that is a creature that I would like to meet, something so curious and friendly about it and such a perfect place to perch, inside a pretty rose - heavenly.

  6. Loved the rose loved the green giant a burst of color for me on this sigh...cold Spring morning.

  7. WOW!

    Tolle Schnappschüsse!


  8. Arija, thank you first for your wonderful greeting on my blog. I have so very much missed you and your words meant so much to me.

    I adore Praying Mantis, such great insects and this one looks quite happy perched upon your lovely flowers. I certainly hope that you enjoy your week and your upcoming very long adventure.

    Yes, tis sad when those we love begin to show signs of aging and yet we all must go through the process, sooner, or later.

    Blessings dear one~

  9. Good catch Arija. You gotta love that face too.
    Sorry to hear your beautiful flowers will soon be done for the year. At least you have your pictures.
    Do have a restful,quiet week.

  10. Thanks for checking in on me. I was spared and feel very fortunate and sad for those who weren't. It was so heartbreaking reading about the fatalities, some not far from where my neighborhood is. But I didn't even have any damage to my house or car and of course the big thing was no injuries.

  11. Oh goodness, what fabulous shots of your little seductress on her rose bed!

  12. Sveika, Ārija!
    Lieliskas fotogrāfijas!
    Kaut gan šie kukaiņi,iespējams, ir kaitēkļi, bet man vienmēr ir paticis tos vērot - kā tie dzīvojas pa ziediem. Arī spāres, bites, kamenes vai pat mušas un zirnekļi. Dabā tas viss ir tik skaists un saderīgs!


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