Tuesday, April 19, 2011

World Bird Wednesday - Crested Pigeon and Tweetie

Oh what it is to wake up in the morning and be serenaded by a
tiny tweetie with a very loud trilling. He kept on and on, first
from the vantage point of the grapevine on the pergola directly
outside my window, then across a tiny bit of lawn into a rosebush -
more trilling. I got up, grabbed my camera and snuck outside, he
was not best pleased and flew across the yard to a faraway bush.
Rats! thought I as I stood in the shade of the rose arch - but then,
wonder of wonders, after trilling in the Melaleuca bush, he flew
right back onto the grapevine and gave me a full blast of his
wonderful song. Such a little bird with such a big voice.
I have a flock of them in the garden and at this time of the year
they seem to think it is mating time, although it is autumn there
is probably still time to raise a family before the cold weather comes.

Yellow-Rumped Thornbill, Acanthiza chrysorrhoa, 11-13 cm

Dawn at Second Valley, South Australia, in front of the verandah
of the hired house we stayed in, a perfect perch for a pair of
Crested Pigeons, Ocyphaps lophotes, to warm themselves up
after a cold and windy night.

We look this way and that way, and then we fly away . . . .

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  1. Oh, those crested pidgeons are wonderful! Didn't know about them before! And your sweet bird, serenading you in autumn!

  2. Lovely birds and delightful captures as always! I've never seen a crested pigeon either and how fun to be serenaded! Hope your week is going well, Arija!


  3. The sweet sounds of the birds are restorative to the mind and soul.

  4. Beautiful birds to see. Many thanks for sharing more lovely birds.

  5. I love the birds that sing first thing in the morning - and the Thornbill sounds delightful. Plenty of Crested Pigeons up this way too.

  6. WOW, what beautiful birds you have. Excellent captures!

  7. Aaaaaaah, your last shots gave me a giggle. It's the avian equivalent of looking both ways before crossing the street, I suppose.

    Isn't it amazing how such teeny tiny creatures can have the LOUDEST voices!

    Happy Autumn, dear Arija!

  8. Sweet torture indeed that morning tweet!
    As we move into spring here in N. America I feel your autumn vibe coming through clearly. Thanks for the laugh and the photos!

  9. Hi Arija. Have a great trip. The Audobon squeaker is a little contraption designed in the USA. It is a peice of pewter with a birchwood collar on iot and when twisted cvan be used to make a variety of squeaks that some birds (especially thornbills, pardalotes and fairywrens) find interesting. I think you can get them from the Australian Geographic shop. If not, search online. cheers


  10. I do like Pigeons Arija, and these surely are different for us at least. I would like to raise Fancy Doves.

  11. Interesting post. I love the crested pigeons. there are just so many kinds of them.

  12. I'm glad you 'captured' this beautiful singing song bird.
    I LOVE the Crested Pigeons and the photos on the wire are beautiful compositions.

  13. Wonderful way to wake up in the morning!

  14. What an interesting bird Arija. I love its crest! We are waked up here by mockingbirds who can put on quite a show too (I do think it must be mating season for them.)

    I keep my camera handy and hope to get a picture or two one of these mornings (I like the picture of you outside so early -- I go out in my pajamas often to try for a bird or the sunrise! Neighbors already think I'm eccentric ;>)

  15. What fun, Arija! I enjoy our North American tweeties and their songs, too. But those crested pigeons, well named, seem exotic to me and very interesting. Their little crests sitting up are just too cute.

  16. Those pigeons are beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Your capture of the little bird singing his heart out is beautiful! It's the Mockingbird who serenades us here, even before daylight. The crested pigeons on the wire are lovely birds to see. Hope you have a beautiful fall season!

  18. OH very pretty such an exotic looking bird--love to hear a bird sing--early morning I have the windows open just to ease-drop on them.

  19. A great set of images. Beautiful!
    Have a nice easter.

  20. I like therse crested pigeons. Cool looking birds and a great sighting.


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