Monday, April 18, 2011

My World ~ Colourful Autumn

Autumn is putting on her colourful coat, the pin-oaks are glowing
in gold and red and lighting up our park.

Spiders are madly spinning webs to provide food for their tiny
offspring when they hatch.

In the village, the old bank is being restored back into a family
residence. Leaves of the plane trees are blowing on the footpath.

Overhead, the still warm rays of the sun light up the colours
on the plane tree

and thrill me with their multi-coloured finery.

This was my world today, you can enlarge it if you wish.

MY WORLD is a great fun meme, I hope you all join in.


  1. beautiful leaves to change colors!

  2. Your autumn photographs are so beautiful. I love the colorful leaves and the shot of the spider is great.

  3. Hallo Arija,

    ich bin im Moment nicht so aktiv, es gehen viele andere Dinge vor.
    Aber bei den treuesten Bloggern schau ich doch noch vorbei.

    Der Frühling macht unser Gärten zur Zeit sehr bunt nätürlich mit anderen Farben als der Herbst bei euch.

    Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich dir.

    Liebe Grüsse

  4. Poles apart - we are.
    Just bursting into leaf and I don't really want to think that five months from now it will be our turn again to go downhill :-)

  5. Gorgeous colors and wonderful fall captures as always, Arija! I do love the spider! What a terrific shot! Hope you have a great week! Take care!


  6. Seems strange we had snow this morning and you're having fall and we can't seem to get to spring! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. What a lovely place! Your Autumn colors are beautiful and such a nice contrast to all the Spring photos I have become accustomed to seeing lately. :D

  8. THe plane tree looks like a Maple.Lovely colors and oh that blue sky,how beautiful.

  9. Beautiful fall photos. Spring is arriving here, after a winter that didn't amount to much.

  10. Your fall looks invitng with colors and blue sky! But I want to enjoy some warmth before our leaves start dropping.

  11. Your autumn foliage of gold and orange reminds me of the progression of seasons as I watch my spring garden unfold.

  12. Lovely autumn shots. Over here, we're finally enjoying spring!

  13. Hi Arija! Your world is as beautiful as ever and thanks for always sharing this!
    You asked about our royalty. Well when Napoleon ruled over Europe. He put all his relatives and friends on the empty thrones of Europe. General Bernadotte was a great friend of Napoleon and married to an ex sweetheart of Napoleon. Her name was Désirée. Therefore they got the Swedish throne.
    The Netherlands had been officialy a republic from 1648 till 1806, when Napoleon appointed his brother Louis Napoleon king of the Dutch republic. He was not a bad guy, this first king of ours, but he was French. When Napoleon was defeated we wanted to continue this kingdom and have a descendant of the Orange family again on the throne. The House of Orange had been leading our country from 1568, till the Napoleonic times.They were called "Stadholders". Then they fled to England. They came back after Napoleon's defeat and our first king was William I, followed by William II and III, then followed Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Juliana, and Queen Beatrix, who is our queen now. Her son, crown prince Willem Alexander will be our next king.

  14. Hi - Autumn seemed to happen here when I was in Tasmania - left with just a tiny hint of colour and came back to bare trees. Such a splendid time of year, even if it can be over in just a few days.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  15. Autumn is one of the beautiful season to photograph. Love the changing colors of the leaves. Your photos have proven it so.

    Great macro shot of the spider.

  16. Our trees are not colourful like yours, but boy, is it cold.


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