Sunday, April 24, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Sharp and Dreamy

Hallo my friends, I do hope you will comment if briefly, I
will do my best to reciprocate and certainly visit but, for a
while commenting will literally be a pain since some unknown
thing has happened to one of my vertebra which inhibits typing.
Please don't leave me to languish in interpixie darkness.

* * * *

Some things in life are sharp as a tack, like this beautiful
double Hibiscus found in a Tumby Bay garden.

Others are soft and dreamy and lead to introspection, like this
humble geranium transformed by light into the guise of a peony.

Both are equally valid and necessary for a balance life.

They also both enlarge for your convenience.

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  1. Your flowers are a delight. Love those soft hues.

    May your back heal and feel better.

  2. Hope the back is soon mended Arija - they are a pesky nuisance, but unfortunately we need them in order to stand upright. Happy Easter to you.

  3. Beautiful pictures.I do hope you will be back to great health soon.

  4. So very sorry you are feeling poorly!! Rest and dream today!! I wish you a lovely Easter, Arija!

  5. Good morning! I hope you have been well.

    My son and husband both love hibiscus and they planted two of those this spring. It's funny, they are the ones who love flowers and colors in the garden. They have been planting different flowering plants. My son really loves gardening and every weekend, it seems he and his Dad go to the nursery. My son tends to his plants everyday. I only come out to help dig and prepare the flower beds. It is too hot out there and we are starting to have drought. Soon we may have water rationing. Have a blessed Easter, dearest Arija. Tsup!

  6. Sveika, Ārija!
    Cik bēdīga vēsts no Jums...
    Novēlu Jums veseļoties un, lai ik brīdi kāda interesanta ziņa vai notikums Jūs iepriecina un atvieglo veseļošanās procesu.
    Gaišas Jums Lieldienas!

    Cik skaista Ķīnas roze un pelargonijas zieds!

    Visa laba vēlējumi Jums no Latvijas !!!

  7. Both are lovely Arija!
    Love the light in the second one.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  8. the beauty of them enlarged is almost overwhelming. I've never seen a double hibiscus and the color of this one is extraordinary. so sorry to learn of your injury and I hope it heals quickly.

  9. I'm so sorry about your back and I do hope it mends quickly! Having had back problems myself I do so understand the discomfort! Your flower captures are superb as always! Exquisite colors! Feel better soon, Arija! I'll be holding good thoughts for you!


  10. These flowers are so beautiful. The first one almost looks like it has the texture of crepe paper. I hope you are better very soon. Take care of yourself!

  11. Sending healing wishes your way, Arija. Hope you feel better soon! both photos are beautiful...your words, more so.

  12. Sreamy? Good word. Take care of that back or neck--sounds like relaxing long walks are in order?

  13. pretty hibiscus. one of my favorites.

    Here’s My Flower for Today Wild Sunflower of Bukidnon

  14. both are beautiful but myf avorite is the second one..the sparkles enchant me....

  15. Beautiful shots! I especially like the first one. I hope you feel better soon, too.

  16. Your flowers are always lovely! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  17. Two very beautiful images. Well done!

  18. Arija, your floweers are gorgeous and the colors are beautiful.

  19. your images are beautiful Arija...I hope you start to feel better very soon!

  20. Oh, do feel better Arija. So sorry to hear you are hurting. I can only imagine since I've had back maladies for years.
    I absolutely love the flowers.
    I hope you had a quiet and restful Easter.

  21. You always get the beautiful comments dear Arija, while I hardly get any and yet it is fun...yes! Your Hibiscus is glorious. I do hope that you feel much improveent quickly~


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