Saturday, April 9, 2011


On our recent travels, we spent a night at Cowell South Australia,
a seaside town servicing the grain farmers whose product once
was loaded on seagoing vessels at it's very long jetty. Although
the silos are still in service, the grain is now trucked to Port
Lincoln for shipping. The other product here is the locally mined
jade, cloudier than New Zealand jade but pretty none the less.

I found this Yucca elephantipes, in a very pretty planting between
footpath and the road.

It made an attractive display shielding pedestrians from passing
traffic and providing plentiful food for any number of small to
medium sized birds.

A close up of flowers and buds just for eye-candy.

Needless to say, although we only spent one night there, I did
get in a nice bit of fishing from the jetty in the evening.

Just click on any or all photos and they magically enlarge.

Thank you Luiz for letting us share our flowers through your meme.


  1. those are gorgeous little hanging bells of flowers! wouldn't have thought that's what a yucca bloom would look like. :)

  2. Gorgeous flowers and colors and, as always, your captures are superb! Hope your weekend has gone well so far, Arija! You are in my thoughts!


  3. A lot fuller display of flowers on those Yucca stalks than I typically see in AZ.

    You are teasing us with only little snippets of this latest adventure. ;)

  4. Ārija, tik krāšņs ir jukas zieds? Nekad vēl nebiju to redzējusi! Brīnišķīgi!

  5. Eye candy is right, these are beautiful blooms. Great photos.

  6. Magnifiche immagini fiorite :)
    Grazie della condivisione e buona giornata :)

  7. Yucca is such a detractable name for such a lovely bloom.
    I have it in my yard and look forward to it's summertime beauty.
    Lovely shots Arija!

  8. Such gorgeous flowers, they carry memories of warm summers in America's Southwest!

    I googled and found out that wild garlic can be cultivated from seeds:

  9. These are indeed beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I know it's been a while. I'll soon be checking out your older posts.

  10. Those flowers are really unique. Must have been a wonderful hike!

  11. Wonderful shots of the Yucca. The close-up is not only eye candy it looks a little bit like candy.

    Thanks for asking about me. I have had recent check-ups and everything is fine. One of my doctors made an adjustment with a thyroid med which has helped with energy and I've had a full body PET/CT and no signs of the cancer returning so always good to have that eliminated. I think of you often too and hope you are doing ok. I know you have also had a lot of health problems.

    I always love seeing your beautiful photographs.

    Take care, Carver

  12. These small flowers are beautiful. I have 2 in the back yard, but they're not blooming!

  13. Lovely yucca flowers Arija.

    Did you catch any fish?

  14. beautiful, beautiful flower and shots... love the eye candy one particularly!
    thanks for visiting me earlier this week!

  15. Never seen before these pretty blooms of the little bells hanging on a tree!

  16. I didn't know what these flowers were called, thanks for the heads-up! Beautiful pics here.

  17. Oh, our white Yucca elephantipes are eye-candy, indeed!

  18. The flowers are great! I like the third picture best, which presents the flowers beautifully.

  19. Beautiful flowers. Great shots.

  20. aloha,

    i love this plant in full bloom, its really amazing and dramatic, they are quite beautiful

  21. I have seen this but not known what it is. Now I know! You photos are beautiful.

  22. beautiful blooms, they are truly one of a kind.

  23. Beautiful flower Arija. Actually we have some sort of Yucca that grows here, in your garden of course.
    Thanking about you..


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