Thursday, April 21, 2011

SkyWatch ~ Sunset & Eye Candy

These photos are back to front but, after all, this is a SkyWatch
post so the sky comes first. Sunset at the Tea Tree Plaza in
Modbury where I dashed in to pick up my new glasses.

Sunset and shade sails reflected in the windows of the escalator

and looking East . . . camera first, shopping left standing at car,
your's truly trying to capture the wonder of the clouds before it
faded. Just one shot before it was too late.

A few hours earlier, going for a check up at Modbury Hospital,
I stopped for a few minutes to catch my breath since it was up
hill going and entered the inner sanctum of a small walled garden
at the entrance. A haven of tranquility and autumn beauty.

The chairs had gathered fallen leaves and dust but who would
want to brush this beauty away?

The sky just peeked through the gleaming leaves

and those on the ground were spot-lit by the golden sun.

Looking out the glass door of one of the waiting rooms.

Great compensation for visiting a hospital.

All photos enlarge as ever.

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  1. lovely autumn colors and shapes! :) bribery for seeing a doctor!

  2. Eye candy indeed! Gorgeous colors of skies and leaves and a perfect glimpse of autumn! Superb captures as always, Arija! Enjoy!


  3. What gorgeous autumn colours... love those luminous leaves.

  4. Eye candy and a sight for sore eyes! It's all very beautiful! I hope to be able to travel to Oz again next year!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. I do not remember ever seeing autumn leaves in such brilliant jewel colours (and the American East Coast is famous for the brilliance of its fall foliage). You also captured the sky so beautifully. Du beherrscht die Kunst den richtigen Augenblick einzufangen.

    Ein frohes Osterfest, dir und deinen Lieben,

  6. Your autumn is gorgeous. I love all the shots but for some reason I think the leaves on the chair is my favorite.

  7. Hiya Arija,

    how I love walled gardens and especially when you have to go to a hospital. It gives you something to hold on to before you go in.
    Such cheerful colours too.

  8. So interesting to read of Autumn and to see the colours, when we are just experiencing Spring here. Lovely photographs.

  9. Fantastic colors!! Happy weekend!


  10. Gorgeous series of shots. I love the reflection, the colors are pretty. It seems odd to be seeing autumn colors now when everything here is just starting to turn green. Happy skywatching and I hope you have a great weekend.

  11. beautiful colors sky and leaves. how lovely that I get to experience a different season than I am in, through your beautiful eyes.

  12. Hospital visits,... not so good. Hope it's nothing too serious?!
    At least you got some battery renewal before you got there.
    I love all the beautiful colours!

  13. Great skies and delightful blooms!
    Happy SWF Arija.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Such a beautiful easel of colors Arija. Almost makes me want Fall again. Not really.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  15. Dear Aria, I haven’t visited your blog for so long; there hasn’t been enough time for me lately or I am no longer able to organize my time properly.
    I like this post very much but the one I really and completely enjoyed is your previous one. A walk on the beach is exactly what I wish and need …

  16. Happy Easter my friend and have a wonderful time! :-)

  17. Arija your world is alive with Autumn color as my world begins it exhale into Spring!
    Yes my world has finally thawed out!The showers have begun and buds are popping open!Hurrah!!

  18. Great reflection shot and beautiful colours on the others.

    By the way, what a story regarding your husband in the Seychelles!

  19. Beautiful images. Many thanks for sharing.

  20. I really love autumn skies and scenes. Sort of wish autumn instead of spring were evolving up here in the northern hemisphere! Enjoy the weekend.


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