Monday, April 1, 2013

OUR WORLD and Wild Bird Wednesday - A Walk in the Wild Wood

Easter Sunday I had a chance to go for a walk in the 

Wild Wood

I raised a few Galahs as the bored Magpie looked on,

the first of the elm leaves had turned to gold

while the rest of the elms and these poplars refused to 
budge from their summer green.

Just a day later, while driving to town,
there autumn colours were ablaze everywhere.

Near the Wild Wood dam, there was a mad chirruppig
and fluttering of wings that even I could spot.

This little Hen Superb Blue Wren was heavily engaged on
feeding on things even smaller than the little ball of fluff that
she was.

Can you spot her here?

Here she is again, delightfully camouflaged against the 
rough bark of the fallen Nut Pine.

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  1. those fairy wrens are so adorable!

  2. Thanks for popping over so quickly. These little tines are Superb Blue Wrens, the Fairy Wrens we only get a few hundred miles further north, in the desert country.

  3. So much colour and life in your part of the world.

  4. The Wren is adorable. Fall colours can be as beautiful as any flower garden.

  5. Great collection of photos, Arija! The trees and the birds are wonderful. I have always loved your Gallahs and the little Blue Wren is a cutie. Have a happy week!

  6. Well spotted, and wonderfully caught. Thank you. Lots. And yes, Autumn is starting to catch fire down this way as well. (One of my most favourite seasons).

  7. Hi there - take care out in the Wild Wood - its where the weasels live!

    Nice pictures of these splendid little bird.

    I can offer a name for the type of plums - my wife calls them Victoria plums, but thats a bit of a wild stab!

    Cheers and thanks for the link to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Tiny adorable little birds ...reminds me of one of those 'find the...' puzzles in children's magazines.
    A walk in the woods sounds like a great way to celebrate Easter to me!

  9. HI Arija...Glad you was able to get out, and see some nature! : )
    The Wren is just adorable,it is much like the Little Wren we have, real chatter boxes they are!!
    Very well hidden in those shot's blending in very well little Wren!! : )

  10. How teeny is that little Wren. Glad to see you posting again Arija and thanks for visiting my blog. I'm back in Tanzania and back to blogging full-time again! Blessings, Jo

  11. My favourite little birds ..... beautiful fairy wrens beautifully captured. I've tried to capture them many times Arija but they flit away before I click the shutter.

  12. So glad you can get out Arija. That little wren really is teeny and I do like all your fall colors.
    Have a great rest of the week, my dear friend.

  13. thank you for sharing these magic moments. Your walk had to be very nice. I enjoy to look at the Wild Wood dam and litte birds. You're so talented to take these fantastic shots !

  14. That little wren is just beautiful!

  15. What a delight to capture the hen Wren - she is indeed Superb!

  16. What a darling little Wren and yes, I could spot it. I love how nature hides the wildlife so well, most of the time. Hoping that you are well~ HUGS!

  17. Lovely set of nature shots. I would have enjoyed this walk.


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