Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes - A big Thrill in Home Birds

With our inch of rain last week, the birds are fighting 
over food sources that aren't even there yet.

A very noisy flock of New Holland Honeyeater were
squabbling in my side garden where I grow Grevilleas
for their delectation. They are nowhere near to 

 A moment before this, there were three of the little 
darlings sitting in close proximity. By the
time I pulled the trigger, this was all that was left.

The House Sparrow flock still haunts my garden, 
probably because of it's unkempt state it still has
seed heads for them to feed on.

I rather like this gentle shot in mild fog.

The Yellow-rumped Thornbills are very active, noisy,
pretty as a picture and stay clear of my camera for 
the most part.

In case you haven't been bored to tears yet, here is
some eye candy, my piece de resistance,
the Red-cap Robin, newly arrived
and I am crossing my fingers, holding my thumbs
and praying he has brought a mate and will deign
to grace our gardens for the season.

Sorry he is not quite in focus but that is the best I 
could do with my hand held 500mm lens.
I got nine shots in and this was the only vaguely

Sometimes they stay and sometimes they move on 
to the pine forests not too far away.

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  1. Hi Arija...The Honeyeater and the Red capped Robin sure are some showy birds lovely colors!!
    I think you photo's a just fine, and never boring!!
    Hope the Robin hangs around!!
    Thanks for you comment and pep talk with you mothers trusies!!

  2. Good morning, Arija. I love your birds. They are so different from what we have over here. I hope the robin sticks around for you, too. I know all about taking what you can get sometimes concerning bird photos. They don't follow directions well. Have a good day.

  3. That red-capped Robin is spectacular. Sure hope it has a mate nearby. Funny what a little rain will bring.

  4. Oh, liebe Arija, das sind ganz wunder´schöne Vögel! Danke!

    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  5. Such a lovely variety of birds and I, too, love the red-capped Robin!!! Hope your week is off to a good start, Arija! Thank you, as always, for your visits and kind words! You are appreciated!!!

  6. Wonderful photos! I love the Honey Eaters and the Red Capped Robin!

  7. that honeyeater has markings just like some of our warblers - but on a much larger body. :)

    love the red cap robin!!!

  8. The red-capped robin sure is a beauty! But I love all the birds. :)

  9. You couldn't bore me if you tried Arija! There is something to be said for an unkempt yard as your little birds attest. I love all the little guys but of course have to admit that that your robin is totally amazing robin and totally different from anything I've ever seen.

  10. The first and last birds are ones I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Tweet tweet tweet, I adore your little visitors! I hope they get something to snack on soon. I know I'm grumpy when I'm hungry. That red-cap robin sure is something! He's quite the looker!

    And whoaaa, your fields of gold in the previous post are stunning.

    Thank you, dear Arija, for the warm hug you sent to me a couple of weeks ago. It was felt, believe me, it was felt. And appreciated. I hug you back a thousand times over. xoxoxo

  12. I love the shot of the red capped robin, we don't see those guys here.

  13. Great post, lovely photos for the theme!

  14. Oh wow, Arija! The Honeyeater and the Red capped Robin are beautiful birds. I would be glued to the winter watching them all. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing on WBW. Have a happy week!

  15. Your beautiful little robin made my heart sing .... I do hope he stays a while .... think of the joy he would bring to your winter. Fairy wrens and robins are such pretty sweet little feathered creatures.
    I just love them. Your " Bird amid the fog" capture is really special.

  16. A great series of photos and of course the robin is the star!

  17. My first time seeing a Red capped Robin! So pretty!
    I love to hear the various songs of all the different birds returning to my world! Spring brings them back and I am delighted!Have a week filled with Joy! hugs Anna

  18. These are some incredible bird shots!

  19. "Red-cap Robin"? ... what an incredible bird and not like any *robin* I have ever known/heard of. You Aussies do nothing by halves, do you?

    Keeping fingers (toes and all eight paws!) crossed that we'll see more of that cracker!

  20. I see so many birds when I don't have my camera in hand, the minute I grab it, they fly way! Lovely shots, and that robin is just adorable!

  21. Oh my. How beautiful. I do hope that Robin stays. We have had three milimetres of rain. Hardly worth it. I am glad you got more...

  22. Nice! I like that 4th foggy shot and your red-cap robin. The gold in your last post must be spectacular to see in person.

  23. I do like the NH honeyeaters - but I find them hard to get shots of as well!

    The robin is always going to look good - just claim the "fuzz" artistic license!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  24. I am taking a break to wish you a wonderful and blessed day. May you be serenaded by singing birds. Tsup!

  25. I love the birds of Australia ... they all seem to be beautiful and different than what we have here ...except the house sparrow. I think everybody has house sparrows, but we love ours even though they are common:) As for the funny bill on the Pelicans ... that is a mating season thing. They grow them in the Spring and then they fall off when the wooing is over. I guess the biggest and most unusual shapes are what the ladies like (who say's size doesn't matter:0) Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  26. These are beautiful images of so many fantastic birds..The red cap robin is just adorable!

  27. The red capped robin is a stunner. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...

  28. I love all your birds, but the robin is very striking with his bright colours.

  29. Precioso post!

    …….(¨`•.•´¨)…..….l | /
    (¨`•.•´¨).¸.•´—— (ړײ) —
    .`•.¸.(¨`•.•´¨)….… / | l
    ………..Splendida giornata!!

  30. Red Cap Robin, oh what a beauty and then those gorgeous Honeyeaters...love those too!

  31. I like the fog shot too. That Red-cap Robin is really beautiful.

  32. Beautiful array of birds! Especially the robin and honeyeater. Whoa!

  33. Your birds are so cool!!! They are very exotic and someday I hope to see them up close and personal. Thank you for sharing! Love the honeyeaters especially...

  34. Gorgeous birds Arija. Love all the different colors, and especially your explanatons!

  35. Wonderful captures! The birds on the top and bottom shots are really something. Gorgeous!

  36. Wonderfully coloured birds, Arija!
    Your senior moment was not as bad as mine last week on Dina's blog.
    I don't know all the names of the royal familymembers of Europe.There are too many!
    I hope you are okay!

  37. Lovely to see your birds.. I wanted to let you know that I have contacted a massage therapist who also does reiki and as soon as I am healed enough, I am going to go....thank you for all the support..hugs..Michelle


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